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National Geographic investigates the execution-style murders of regime 800 calorie menu mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park.

The search reveals corruption and how Virunga has become one of the most dangerous places on earth. In the face of his own threatening illness, the jaguars' greatest protector is battling time and adversity to save these endangered cats. Venture deep into the wilds of Brazil, Belize, and Panama with biologist Alan Rabinowitz as he pursues these elusive predators and fights to protect even more jaguar habitat than he already has.

Narrated by actress Glenn Close. But one pride looms large in the Serengeti kingdom: a single dynasty ruling the plains to which hundreds of lions trace their roots. Experience the Serengeti through their eyes and discover how this pride is exploding in size. Once feared and hunted almost to extinction, the whale now commands worldwide attention. Join scientists and conservationists as they study and document the anatomy, communication, and migratory patterns of a variety of whale species—including killer, pilot, and humpback whales.

The Great Whales also looks at the birth of a killer whale and how captive whales participate in scientific experiments. National Geographic follows a polar bear family during a two-year Arctic odyssey filled with unforgettable moments. Witness as curious cubs emerge from their den for the first time after a three-month hibernation, go "ice-crashing" with the polar bear family as they hunt for seals, and feel the tension as the mother protects her cubs from a hostile male.

Journey to the heart of the forests depicted in Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book for an unprecedented look at one tigress's struggle to raise her cubs and survive in the wild. National Geographic's wildlife filmmakers track Bengal tigress Lakshmi and her three tiger cubs for two full years.

Follow Lakshmi as she successfully stalks and kills a spotted deer to feed her young and defends her domain against aggressive male tigers. National Geographic explores how life for kangaroos in Australian suburbs compares to life in the country.

Human confrontations, competition with livestock, and traffic hazards are affecting both kangaroo and human populations everywhere. Discover how Australians in different communities are finding new and innovative ways to live among their marsupial neighbors.

Join National Geographic and wildlife specialists as they try to protect the animal kingdom. Visit a rhinoceros sanctuary in Kenya and see how an orphaned baby rhino found a new, human family. Take a walk in the Toronto snow with a herd of elephants that was saved when their circus careers ended.

And find out how a mistreated Hollywood orangutan was rescued when he was too old for the movies. In West Bengal, villagers are waging war with marauding elephants that destroy their homes without warning, causing the roof or walls to crash in on sleeping families. Villagers flee in panic, but in many cases, families discover that not everyone made it out alive.

Tragically, events like these are becoming commonplace in areas of the world where elephants and people live in close proximity. National Geographic and filmmaker Wolfgang Bayer present a rare look into the lives of the Kodiak bears. Journey down ancient feeding trails, up salmon-rich rivers, and into a den where a mother nurses her newborn cubs.

On Alaska's Kodiak Island, about 2, of these larger cousins of the well-known grizzly bear thrive. But change looms on the horizon, as portions of the island open to development—causing a clash of modern and natural worlds.

National Geographic takes you to the front lines of Darwin, Australia, where a serious confrontation is about to break out. On one side are the Cane Toads, whose venom threatens to destroy the continent—lethal to both man and other animals. On the other side is a group of scientists and symptome perdre du poids naturellement committed to halting the Cane Toad's deadly approach. These two tenacious groups face off in a battle that will leave one side crushed.

Tread softly into the jungle realm of a legendary monarch—the King Cobra. Swift, strong, and surprisingly deadly, it delivers enough venom in one bite to kill a hundred people, yet it solely preys on other snakes. Its intriguing life has been a mystery Through rare and extraordinary footage, National Geographic follows the King Cobra on its journey through the rainforests of India seeking food and a mate. From out of the dusk and darkness of the night come more than half of all living things.

Perceived as mysterious and supernatural, night creatures are masterpieces of adaptation—guided by their superior sense of sight, sound, and smell. National Geographic reveals astonishing nocturnal scenes of the vampire bat feeding on the blood of cattle, the great horned owl as it swoops down on its prey, and the wild hyena, Africa's well-known scavenger. Personne n'a encore évalué ni noté ce produit.

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