No free ride kweisi mfume

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Humour 43 vendeurs 2, articles. Marine 41 vendeurs 2, articles. Économie 39 vendeurs 3, articles. Bande Dessinée 37 vendeurs 8, articles. He then took on the local political machine to represent a Congressional district that encompasses both the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich.

Far from a kiss-and-tell political memoir, No Free Ride illuminates the forces that helped shape a new wave of Black leaders left to carry the torch for Martin Luther King, Jr. Mfume moves beyond the divisive rhetoric of white fear and Black anger generated by the assault on affirmative action, the O.

He exposes the myth of arrogant, self-righteous values and affirms the real value of values. In this candid and insightful memoir, Mfume reminds us that everything has a price, and that as citizens of a democracy, none of us can expect a free ride.

No free ride kweisi mfume

His visionary blueprint for all Americans, white and Black, can guide us as we face the challenge of fashioning a society in which our two nations can at last become one. From the Hardcover edition.