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For some, money works harder than others if they are put to work judiciously. They treat money as resource and make optimum use of the available resource, does … not matter whether big or small in amount.

It takes a smart investment to make a good return. SBI announced revision in interest rate on savings accounts with balances up to Rs 1 lakh from 3.

November 1. Bank also slashed its retail and bulk term deposit rates by 10 bps and 30 bps respectively for 1 year to less than 2 years tenor w. October Now the term deposit interest rates from October 10 would be 6. Remember return from term deposits are taxable and liquidity is compromised. Finitor Financial Services Private Limited may help you with better cash management solution compare to your savings account, current account, fixed deposit returns and put your money to work for better returns.

After all money makes money.

Products and Services: As a financial and insurance intermediary and distributor of entire bouquet of financial services we facilitate investments across all products.

US admin under Trump is increasingly isolating their economy and people with rest of the world. Whereas China needs to relook their strategy to support certain countries and more needs to be done for CNY to compete with USD in open market, though there is considerable development in the last couple of years.

US, China, Russia and India should play constructiv … e role for better world and it would require greater heart to let go some benefits for far reaching global trust and conducive trade environment.

God Bless the world. We have made a very humble start of our journey as entrepreneurs almost a year back and have made decent strides so far. We make a polite and gracious appeal to all YOU elegant stars and personages to connect with us through above links.

We are likely to go live with our website www. We know the journey ahead would be tough and we would not be able to scale our operations without professionals.

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