Liposuction to waist

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Liposuction to waist

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Liposuction to waist

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Chargement de vos recommandations. Vos recommandations. Ajout au panier Cet article est dans votre panier. Actuellement indisponible. Vendre sur Amazon. In the first few days after surgery, when swelling is at its peak, the compression garment should be snug, firm or tight but not painful. It will feel less snug as swelling subsides and recovery progresses. The correct fit will provide support and compression to help reduce swelling edemaaid in pushing fluids into the lymph system for removal from the body and help with proper skin retraction which promotes general body contouring.

This garment features a 3 inch waistband, double tummy panel in front, reinforced open crotch, full length zippers and Velcro closures on each leg. The skin is protected from the zipper by a full length foam pad. Lace trim is sewn along the bottom of each pant leg to prevent rollup. To put on the garment, unzip both zippers to mid-thigh, place your feet into the garment openings and position the lace trim slightly above the knee.

Bring the garment up so that the crotch opening and the waist are properly positioned.