Regimento interno tj santa catarina

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Volume 16 Issue s16 Janpp. Volume 15 Issue s15 Janpp. Volume 14 Issue s14 Janpp. Volume 13 Issue s13 Janpp. Volume 12 Issue Janpp. Volume 11 Issue Janpp. Belangrijk voor ons is dat methaan niet langer deel uitmaakt van dit voorstel. Want dan zouden de koeien minder vaak in de wei rondlopen in Europa en ik denk daarbij onder andere aan Oostenrijk en aan Nederland.

Koeien horen in de wei. Dat past bij het landschap en dierenwelzijn is daar ook bij gebaat. Voorzitter, nu over ammoniak. In Europa is de uitstoot van ammoniak met 30 procent verminderd sinds In Nederland is de uitstoot van ammoniak verminderd met 70 procent.

De beperking kostte enorme inspanningen van onze boerengezinsbedrijven, die zwaar hebben geleden onder deze extra zware milieumaatregelen en het is daarom ook goed dat zowel het Parlement als de Raad een herzieningsclausule hebben aangenomen op dit compromis.

We moeten ook gaan werken aan mestverwerking. Dat levert schone lucht, schoner water en een beter bodemleven op en laten we met elkaar zorgen dat het geld van het EFSI daarvoor gebruikt gaat worden. Tot slot, de gemiddelde luchtkwaliteit in de Europese Unie behoort tot de schoonste van de wereld. Dit resultaat is bereikt dankzij de inspanningen van heel veel mensen in de lidstaten, bedrijven en ondernemers.

En daar moeten we in de toekomst mee verder gaan. Laten we ze een kans geven. Laten we niet alleen kijken naar de heilige koe, de auto, maar ook de gewone koe een kans geven. Onze ambities voor schonere lucht mogen best inspanningen kosten, maar het gaat wel om haalbaarheid, betaalbaarheid en uitvoerbaarheid. De spreker gaat in op een "blauwe kaart"-vraag artikellid 8, van het Reglement.

Maar je moet daar dan wel ook iedereen de kans voor geven. Ik heb u net gezegd, als we door willen gaan zoals mijn twee collega's uit Nederland net hebben genoemd, hebben we in Nederland geen enkel boerenbedrijf meer over. Die hebben heel veel inspanningen gedaan. We hebben ook andere mogelijkheden. Dat moeten we ook aanpakken. Als ik kijk, ik houd het nu bij landbouw en bij mestverwerking, dan moet je daar volop op gaan inzetten.

Maar we hebben ook gesproken over de autobranche. Die moet ook aan de doelstellingen sportive rides east midlands werken. Met elkaar, iedere sector aan de slag en het bedrijfsleven wil ons volop ondersteunen. E, portanto, é preciso agir! I nitko to ne dovodi u pitanje. Stoga je vrijeme za ovo istaknuti i ovdje u Europskom parlamentu. Ta bitka koja je dobivena nije bila jednostavna. I tu je glavni problem.

Last week, I had the privilege of being in Marrakech with Commissioner Arias Cañete, among others, and the Chinese in particular were telling us about the efforts they are making to try and combat air pollution in their cities. Last year, I was honoured to represent Parliament in Vietnam. It was obvious there, again, that air pollution is a big problem.

It transformed the air quality in restaurants and bars, etc. Ma i limiti individuati dalla direttiva sono ben lontani dalle raccomandazioni fatte dall'Organizzazione mondiale della Sanità, che il Parlamento ha cercato di difendere in ogni modo nella fase di trilogo. Poco soddisfacenti anche i criteri di flessibilità introdotti, che renderanno i limiti più difficili da applicare. L'autorizzazione concessa agli Stati membri di regolare le emissioni in base alle temperature stagionali oppure di compensare la riduzione delle emissioni di un settore con quelle maggiori prodotte in un altro settore, destano non poche perplessità.

La speranza è che gli Stati membri modifichino l'atteggiamento miope che hanno fatto registrare durante i negoziati. Respirare aria pulita è un diritto dei cittadini e l'Unione europea deve alzare l'asticella dell'ambizione. Lo dobbiamo fare per noi stessi e per le nuove generazioni. Wir haben jetzt ganz viel gehört, dass es ganz wichtig ist, die Luftreinhaltung zu verstärken, weil wir viele gesundheitliche Probleme durch Luftverschmutzung haben — durch verschiedene Partikel, die die Menschen krank machen können.

Das ist sicherlich richtig und darum gut, dass wir uns damit beschäftigt haben. Ich muss sagen, ich danke ganz herzlich Julie Girling für den Kompromiss, den sie ausgehandelt hat. Es ist nicht ganz das, was das Parlament wollte. Aber ich glaube, es ist genau der richtige Kompromiss, den wir brauchen, um mit der Reinhaltung der Luft im Interesse der Bürgerinnen und Bürger voranzukommen und um gleichzeitig eben auch ausgewogen vorzugehen.

Ich möchte etwas zu Methan sagen. Es wurde bedauert, dass Methan jetzt hier herausgenommen ist. Ich halte es aber für richtig. Ich bin auch dafür, dass wir uns mit Methan befassen. Es ist ein Treibhausgas, und wir müssen unbedingt sehen, wie wir das im Interesse des Klimas und der Ozeane und Meere — für die ich immer streite — eindämmen können.

Aber es ist nicht giftig für die menschliche Gesundhei. Darum ist es meines Erachtens in Ordnung, dass wir das jetzt hier in dieser Gesetzgebung nicht drin haben. Aber vielen Dank noch einmal an alle, die daran gearbeitet haben.

Regimento interno tj santa catarina

I am encouraged by the broad support for the agreement that has been reached. It is close to the original Commission proposal in terms of ambition and, given the difficulty of the negotiation, is in my view a good compromise between various positions. I know that concerns remain on flexibilities and on interim checks on the trajectory to However, the additional flexibilities are tightly constrained and we will monitor their application closely.

Likewise, for the interim trajectory there is now a robust management framework in place to ensure that Member States are on track to meet their commitments. The Commission will evaluate the national programmes, including the credibility of the reduction pathways, and those evaluations will be made public. I have listened to and note the concerns of some about the level of effort required in particular Member States, but those are the very Member States whose citizens will benefit the most from implementation of the measures.

They are the Member States that have the greatest problems in complying with ambient air quality standards and they are the Member States that will save most in terms of health and other economic benefits.

We will work with non—Member States to maximise their support, including from European Union financing and from synergies with, for instance, EU climate and energy policies for the successful and cost—effective implementation of the directive. On the review of methane emissions, the Commission has made a declaration because it considers that there is a strong air-quality case for keeping the development of methane emissions in the Member States under review in order to reduce the ozone concentrations in the EU and to promote methane reductions internationally.

In its assessment the Commission will take into account a number of ongoing studies in this field, due to be finalised inas well as further international developments in this area. I would like to close by again thanking the rapporteur and shadow rapporteurs for making possible this major step forward in air pollution control.

Declaration by the Commission on the procedure for adoption of implementing acts. Recourse to this provision must respond to a specific need to depart from the rule of principle which is that the Commission may adopt a draft implementing act when no opinion is delivered.

Their contributions reflect the divisions in this House over the ambition levels, and particularly the removal of methane and the effects on agriculture. This is a lost opportunity I think. Also, to those Polish members who criticise this directive: they have spoken about unfairness to agriculture, while rather ignoring the elephant in the room. The solution, as ever, lies in their own hands.

I would particularly like to acknowledge the support of those colleagues, led by the majority of the shadow rapporteurs, who see the agreement as a hard-fought compromise that is not perfect but are accepting it and encouraging a vote for it.

I would like to urge those colleagues who will indulge themselves in a vote against — under the cover of the majority who, they know, propose to compromise — to think again and to give us, later today, as wide and as big a majority across the House as we can achieve. Dichiarazioni scritte articolo De huidige Europese normen voor luchtkwaliteit zijn veel te slap om de gezondheid van mensen te kunnen beschermen. Europa zou de richtlijnen van de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie moeten overnemen, waarin veel hogere eisen worden gesteld aan fijnstof, ozon, stikstofdioxide en zwaveldioxide.

Maar in plaats daarvan presenteert zij een sterke afzwakking van de huidige zwakke normen voor luchtkwaliteit. De Partij voor de Dieren vindt dit voorstel beschamend en onacceptabel. Onder druk van de landbouwsector is de uitstoot van het broeikasgas methaan uit het voorstel verdwenen en worden de normen voor ammoniak verlaagd. Terwijl deze stoffen een gigantisch aandeel hebben in de vervuiling van onze lucht en er ook voor zorgen dat mensen ernstige gezondheidsklachten oplopen of vroegtijdig overlijden.

Europa laat haar inwoners stikken en daar doet de Partij voor de Dieren niet aan mee. Ilmanlaatu on monessa jäsenmaassa edelleen hyvin vaikea ongelma, joka vaatii ratkaisuja. Ei tarvitse kuin vilkaista komission listausta ympäristölainsäädännön rikkomisesta, niin huomaa, että jäsenmailla on vaikeuksia noudattaa edes voimassa olevaa lainsäädäntöä.

Tämä ei johdu siitä, että lainsäädäntömme on liian tiukkaa vaan siitä, että puhtaan ilman puutetta ei oteta tarpeeksi vakavasti! Ilman epäpuhtaudet aiheuttavat EU:ssa enemmän kuolemantapauksia kuin mikään muu ympäristöongelma. Toivon, että jatkamme sääntelyä ja pyrimme jatkossa entistä kunnianhimoisempaan tasoon. Kaikilla on oikeus puhtaaseen ilmaan ja meillä on velvollisuus varmistaa, että tämä oikeus toteutuu. Following the consent given by Parliament, the ratification of the Agreement by the EU, together with seven Member States, triggered its entry into force on 4 November and confirmed the key role of the European Union in the multilateral process.

This was clearly recognised in Marrakech. Overall, parties ratified the Paris Agreement by 18 November. The European Union can be satisfied with the result of the Marrakech Conference. We witnessed the unprecedented quick entry into force of the Paris Agreement, the progress made on the development of its rules and the major demonstration of activities by non-state actors.

This all confirmed the determination of the international community to continue moving forward, with a transition towards a low emission and climate-resilient future. Marrakech demonstrated progress and enabled action in the following areas: First, the subsidiary bodies outlined the work to establish the Paris rulebook, including the progress on the features of nationally determined contributions, the Transparency Framework, the Adaptation Mechanism and the Adaptation Registry. Other elements to be mentioned are the global stock take, the Sustainable Development Mechanism concerning markets, non-market approaches and the compliance mechanism.

The COP also mandated the current and incoming presidencies to start preparations for the facilitative dialogues. Secondly, progress was made on enhancing action and transparency beforeincluding on the predictability of climate finance flows to developing countries; on loss and damage, namely the review of the Warsaw International Mechanism; on technology development and transfer, capacity-building mechanisms, methodological issues, response measures, as well as on measures concerning gender and indigenous peoples.

The Action Agenda builds on the growing momentum from stakeholders to mobilise global action in the water sector and in the areas of oceans, disaster risk reduction, agriculture, forestry, transport, energy and human settlements.

All these initiatives by non-state actors support the Convention and the aims of the Paris Agreement. Amongst many other issues, I would like to highlight the second round of the multilateral assessment process, which took place in Marrakech. Nineteen EU Member States and the European Union successfully completed the process of reviewing the progress made in the implementation of emission reductions and removals related to their quantified economy-wide emission reduction targets.

The remaining Member States will follow next year. And finally, the conference made a high-level political statement, the Marrakech Action Proclamation, which reflects the continuous political commitment towards the implementation of the Paris Agreement and reaffirms the willingness of all participants to fight against climate change and to support sustainable development.

This enabled the European Union to stay unified as we forge ahead on global climate action. I also want to take this opportunity, in the presence of the Minister, to thank the Slovak Presidency for the close cooperation, both in the preparations and during the COP It is true that, in the light of the United States election results, we face political challenges and uncertainties ahead, but the message from Marrakech was nevertheless clear: we will stand by Paris; we will defend Paris; and we will implement Paris.

It is a statement of global unity, confirming that the parties remain committed to climate action post—Paris and the transition to a global low—carbon economy. Important progress was also achieved under the Paris Work Programme. The parties agreed a clear way forward to ensure that the rule book will be ready byand advanced on key elements to guide the implementation of the Agreement, including transparency and the five-year ambition cycle. Member States have also shown their commitment to supporting the most vulnerable countries in dealing with the impacts of climate change.

In addition, the parties also showed a continued commitment to capacity building and the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage. A decision was adopted on the review of the Mechanism, which will result in increasing its potential and effectiveness and confirming the shared commitment of parties to address the concerns of the most vulnerable countries.

This enabled countries, states, regions, cities, the private sector and NGOs to come together under the Global Climate Action Agenda to showcase inspiring climate action initiatives to reduce emissions, transition to a low—carbon economy and support our partners in the mitigation and adaptation efforts.

N'arrive pas a perdre du ventre naturellement

We will support developing countries in the implementation of the nationally determined contributions to the Paris Agreement. The European Union played an instrumental role in achieving the Marrakech outcomes, and there was regular effective coordination with Member States, no red lines were crossed and all politically sensitive options were considered carefully and collectively. The European Union Member States negotiated with flexibility, and their commitment to delivering a positive outcome in Marrakech was very clear.

The European Union also demonstrated its determination to making significant efforts to scale up support to climate relevant action. The meeting helped to define our joint negotiation strategy during the COP, as well as to exchange views on the potential impact of the outcome of the United States elections on the United Nation negotiation process.

What is clear is that, given the current uncertainties, the High Ambition Coalition has a renewed sense of purpose as we move ahead with the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Now that we have returned from Marrakech, the hard work does not stop. In the current uncertain geopolitical setting the European Union must, more than ever, remain steady on its course to a low—carbon, energy-efficient future.

Marrakech showed us we are not alone. The momentum keeps growing in many of our G20 partners, including China, that are more determined than ever.

We have good scope for scaling up international collaboration in terms of bilateral policy dialogues and sharing experiences. I will do the necessary to deliver on this. I will also work closely with the German G20 Presidency to make sure we exploit the positive opening under the G20 to follow up on the Paris implementation.

In addition to strengthening our strategic partnerships, we must continue to demonstrate to the world our commitment to climate action by implementing our NDC. Our proposals on the 23rd legislative framework, including the European Union ETS and LLUCF, are now on the table, and I look forward to working with the Parliament in the months ahead to ensure strict progress on this package. Implementing the Paris Agreement is an unprecedented opportunity to modernise our economy and create jobs and growth.

It is a central element in achieving broad and sustainable development goals as well as the European Union priorities on investment, competitiveness, circular economy research, innovation and energy transition.

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Therefore, we will also shortly come forward with a package under the title Smart and Clean Energy for all Europeans — a package of proposals which will put energy efficiency first, will reinvigorate our global leadership in renewables and deliver a fair deal for European consumers and citizens, as well as business and industry.

Together with existing proposals on the table, this package will ensure a comprehensive and coherent climate and energy policy framework up to It will deliver on our contribution to the Paris Agreement and will make bigger steps forward towards our overall vision for an energy union.

In conclusion, honourable Members, we have achieved marked progress this year on global climate action.

Less than twelve months ago, we adopted the Paris Agreement, and through commitment and hard work ensured its entry into force earlier this month. We still have much work to do to implement our commitments on the ground and I count on your continued support to turn our commitments into reality.

La COP22 — ce lo siamo detti sin dall'inizio — era il luogo in cui passare dalle parole alle azioni. E lo abbiamo fatto. Vorrei ringraziare il Commissario Arias Cañete per la sua azione decisa e per il continuo e costante contatto con la delegazione del Parlamento che ho avuto l'onore di presiedere. Quasi Paesi si sono incontrati in Marocco e tanti sono stati gli impegni della nostra delegazione, che ha avuto modo di confrontarsi con molte altre delegazioni nazionali e personalità di rilievo.

Possiamo sicuramente affermare che i progressi fatti a Marrakech sono la prova che il mondo andrà avanti con la lotta al cambiamento climatico. Con la dichiarazione di Marrakech, infatti, gli Stati hanno dimostrato un'idea di solidarietà e continuità gli uni con gli altri. La COP22 non lascia dubbi: dobbiamo continuare il percorso iniziato lo scorso anno. L'accordo di Parigi non sarebbe stato possibile senza la fiducia tra le parti e noi a Marrakech abbiamo confermato questa fiducia.

Per quanto riguarda l'Unione europea, continueremo a implementare i nostri impegni e raggiungere gli obiettivi che ci siamo posti, qualunque cosa succeda.

Si tratta di un problema più grande di un singolo paese o di una singola elezione, anche se questa riguarda gli Stati Uniti. Abbiamo davanti un processo che ci porterà fino alla fine del secolo e che considero irreversibile.

Al di là delle incertezze e dei dubbi paventati difenderemo Parigi e implementeremo Parigi. La transizione verso un'economia pulita è oramai mai iniziata e l'Unione europea continuerà a fare da apripista e leader verso un'economia sostenibile e competitiva. Die COP 22 war ein Erfolg. Es ist gut zu sehen in Marrakesch, dass die Weltgemeinschaft zusammensteht und dass alle Staaten bekräftigt haben, das Pariser Abkommen durchzusetzen und sich von der Wahl des neuen amerikanischen Präsidenten Donald Trump nicht verunsichern zu lassen.

Die EU muss diese Führungsrolle annehmen und — Herr Kommissar, Sie haben es gesagt - wir sollten China als Partner gewinnen und weiter behalten, damit diese Koalition die Agenda von Paris wirklich vorantreiben kann.

China wird für neue Technologien, wie auch für einen globalen Kohlenstoffmarkt, nützlich sein. Wir brauchen dort die Überprüfung der nationalen Zusagen. Werden wir unsere Ziele dort auch schon zur Debatte stellen, ob wir uns besser stellen können? Ich glaube, dass wir jetzt unser Commitment zeigen müssen. Sind wir in der Lage, die Erneuerbaren weiter zu fördern, oder bremsen wir sie aus, und sind wir ehrgeizig bei der Energieeffizienz?

It is pretty impossible to ignore, though, the fase 1 caries orange cloud that was hanging over COP 22, and not from the Saharan dust. It is true that the US elections did have an effect, but there were positive outcomes.

In best horror movies on netflix april 2019 political statement of resolve following the US presidential elections, the Conference adopted a call for all nations to honour promises made in Paris and renew their attempts to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees.

Negotiators focused on initiatives to reinforce existing carbon reduction plans, with some countries promising to review ambitions before Countries also fixed a deadline for preparing a rule book establishing the rules and processes needed to provide operational guidance for the Paris Agreement and 11 governments, including my own, actually ratified the climate agreement during the COP.

There were, of course, some negative outcomes. I know that the work to increase these new financial pledges will be ongoing, and Mr Arias Cañete is in the forefront donner volume cheveux plat 2014 his high ambition coalition.

The issue of loss and damage and how to approach recompense for damage caused by climate change has been put off again for discussions at further dates, but that does not mean that it has been forgotten. Over the past 12 months, we have made rapid and unprecedented progress in laying the foundations for a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy. This COP 22 showed us that progress is never linear, but it does not mean that it is not going on, and it does not mean that it will not be successful.

At the start of the Marrakech COP I had one hope, and that was that the entire world would send a message to Washington that the Paris Agreement and the process after that would be irreversible, that the world would move towards this zero-carbon economy, and that in the end is exactly what happened. If President-elect Trump has achieved anything, it is that the world is much more united now behind this transition towards a zero-carbon economy, and even countries like India seem to be much more determined now than they were a few months ago — as does China.

What happened in Marrakech shows very well how rapidly the geopolitical scene is changing at the moment. Before that, China was one of the biggest obstacles in international climate negotiations, and look at it now.

China is now one of the leading countries in the post-Paris process and that is extremely encouraging. And what about Europe? Of course Europe is still one of the leaders, and we are still leading by example, but we have to be careful. Look at the first reactions by almost all Member States on the effort-sharing regulation proposal from the Commission. It is not that long ago that we all laughed about Russia counting every tree in the Kyoto Agreement to try to undermine that, but now all Member States are doing exactly the same.

We think that our trees will save us in the fight against climate change and that is not going to happen. Finally, it is also an economic issue. China is investing two-and-a-half times more on green technology than Europe. As a percentage of GDP, it is even four times as much, so we have to be extremely careful there. This is also a race Siento decirle, señor Cañete, que yo no voy a agradecer su papel como Comisario.

Usted se llenó la boca en Marrakech calificando la transición energética de imparable y, sin embargo, el partido al que pertenece ni siquiera ratificó el Acuerdo de París a tiempo, retiró los incentivos a las energías renovables, y, desde que el Partido Popular llegó al Gobierno en España, las emisiones no han dejado de crecer.

Me parece que no es este un buen método para hacer la transición energética. Señor Cañete, la Unión Europea ha estado fuera, ha estado ausente en muchas negociaciones importantes. Yo, de verdad, creo que, por respeto a la ciudadanía, por respeto al resto de los países, por respeto a la Unión Europea, por respeto a Europa en definitiva, usted debería dimitir.

We had a great time and our Commissioner is certainly a good international negotiator. I think it is right that we should point this out. It was a good COP. All that was around us and is really positive. I have two critical remarks to make. One, Commissioner, is that I think we in Europe could be better at selling our story.

So why, at international COPs, do we speak only about carbon markets and why do we hide away our success stories on renewables? Why did nobody from the Commission speak about the Juncker external fund for Africa at a time when we could help Africa to improve and to move much more quickly into renewable energy?

The second criticism concerns early ambition. Forty percent by is not a story in a 1. Your energy package of next week will be the occasion to show that Europe is a leader and, in that regard, why are you now reducing the investment opportunities for renewables in Europe with low ambition, low governance and the destruction of priority access and despatch?

On the rule book and the support scheme, you have some civil servants who prevent you from doing what you have politically agreed.

I hope it is not because we have so many gas lobbyists hanging around. Vogliamo essere positivi e diciamo che "irreversibilità" e "cooperazione" sono le due parole chiave della COP Irreversibilità, perché la lotta ai cambiamenti climatici attraverso lo sviluppo di un'economia sostenibile è un meccanismo che non potrà più essere fermato.

Nemmeno da Trump: i dubbi riguardo all'impegno di Stati Uniti sono stati spazzati dalle parole del Segretario di Stato uscente Kerry, il quale ha spiegato come sarà la stessa economia statunitense, le stesse imprese, a far tornare Trump sui suoi passi. Indietro non si torna. Cooperazione, perché è solo attraverso il sostegno, gli investimenti e il trasferimento di conoscenze fra paesi sviluppati ed economie in via di sviluppo, che la lotta al riscaldamento globale potrà essere vinta. Ora, con gli Stati Uniti verosimilmente meno motivati e decisi ai tavoli di trattativa, tocca all'Unione europea prendere la leadership nelle negoziazioni e nelle politiche contro il riscaldamento globale.

E le azioni sulle quali essere forti e decisi adesso sono soprattutto quelle dei singoli paesi. È necessario spingere in maniera forte sulla neonata Pathway Platforma cui l'Unione europea ha prontamente aderito, per renderla un'occasione per rafforzare le politiche climatiche degli Stati membri, integrandole in un piano più ampio ed efficace. Angelo Ciocca, a nome del gruppo ENF. E riflettiamo sulle costosissime decisioni che colpiscono le famiglie, gli agricoltori, gli artigiani e le imprese e che impoveriscono, ahimè, i nostri Paesi europei.

Ad anni di distanza quali sono gli effetti che si sono creati? Da un lato l'impoverimento del lavoro, l'impoverimento della comment faire pour désépaissir les cheveux 2014 manifatturiera dei nostri Paesi, delocalizzata appunto in Cina, in India, in Brasile.

Ma purtroppo, ahimè, anche l'inquinamento mondiale non si è ridotto. Perché è ovvio che se tu sposti la produzione da una parte all'altra e non agisci sulle cause reali, hai spostato l'inquinamento ma non hai ridotto l'inquinamento. L'invito che faccio nel pacchetto che state studiando è di usare queste risorse per riportare la produzione in Italia, per riportare la produzione in Europa, per riportare la produzione là dove c'è la cultura reale del rispetto dell'ambiente, là dove i cittadini, le imprese, i nostri imprenditori hanno la cultura di rispetto e attenzione per l'ambiente.

Are you aware that electricity prices in Germany today, for example are as low as they are in the USA and that German industry has very good years behind it? Please show me the facts. Today, because we have renewables and energy efficiency, prices for big electricity consumers are relatively low. Be aware also that the Commission, through the Juncker investment fund, is now organising money for precisely what you want to have, which is combating energy poverty in Europe.

So be more positive. Quindi abbiamo il costo di energia elettrica che è volte superiore rispetto ad altri paesi europei; è un dato di fatto. Guardi che quel fondo ha ben altra finalità e quindi la invito a studiare prima di parlare. Dopo di che, quelle risorse, mi auguro — visto che sono ancora da spendere — che tutti i colleghi pensino di utilizzarle per investire nel generare produzione là dove esiste la cultura del rispetto dell'ambiente e quindi nelle imprese europee e nelle imprese italiane.

Marrakesch war ein Erfolg, und ich möchte allen danken, die dazu beigetragen haben. Ich möchte den Kollegen Turmes loben, weil er den Kommissar gelobt hat. Aber es gab von allen übrigen Staaten der Welt eine klare Reaktion.

Wenn wir früher die Situation hatten, dass Klimaschutz gegen die USA rides and rods kingman az China gemacht werden musste, dann haben wir jetzt zumindest die klare Zusage comment je perdre du poids homme China, dass es bei der Umsetzung des Abkommens von Paris und bei der Konvention weitermacht.

Aber wir müssen gewappnet sein. Wir müssen jetzt nach der Wahl in den Vereinigten Staaten umso mehr darauf achten, dass die Industrie — wenn sie auf dem neuesten Stand ist — geschützt wird. Deswegen wollen wir im Emissionshandel die freie Zuteilung für die Industrie erhöhen. Wir müssen uns überlegen, was passiert, wenn Trump wirklich aussteigt.

Ich war immer — wie viele in meiner Fraktion — gegen Zölle an den Grenzen, gegen carbon border tax adjustments. Aber wenn ein Land aus dem Klimaübereinkommen — aus der Konvention und dem Übereinkommen von Paris — aussteigt, dann müssen wir zumindest überlegen, ob wir dann nicht auch dieses Instrument gegen dieses Land nutzen.

Wir werden ihn kennenlernen. Aber er soll uns auch kennenlernen. Wir werden uns von einer neuen amerikanischen Regierung nicht alles gefallen lassen, sondern unsere Industrie und den Klimaschutz weiter schützen. Egyetért-e Ön ezzel? Aber wir wissen ja noch nicht, was die amerikanische Regierung wirklich durchführt.

Deswegen ist diese Überlegung mit den Schutzzöllen etwas, was wir jetzt sehr vorsichtig angehen müssen. Vielleicht hilft es ja, dass Donald Trump von seinen ursprünglichen Plänen ablässt. Das ist diese Allianz, die wir brauchen: die Europäische Union und die am meisten gefährdeten Länder gegen rückwärtsgewandte Tendenzen. Wir werden im Gegensatz zur Kommission der gefährdeten Industrie wie der Stahlindustrie, aber auch anderen Sektoren die Sicherheit geben, dass sie, wenn sie auf dem neuesten Stand der Technik sind, dann die Zertifikate kostenlos bekommen.

Das ist auch gut für den Klimaschutz. Denn wenn Industrie, obwohl sie alles tut, was technisch möglich ist, aus Europa vertrieben wird, dann hilft das dem Klima nicht.

Aber diejenigen, die eben nicht auf dem neuesten Stand sind, müssen auch investieren. Also bitte: Andere Fraktionen, unterstützen Sie diesen Kompromiss, dann wird beides erreicht! Ik dacht: dat wordt een gewone COP die Parijs gaat implementeren.

Maar ik denk dat het door de verkiezing in de Verenigde Staten een bijzonder politieke COP geworden is en ik heb daar heel goede signalen over ontvangen.

Want dat hebben al velen gezegd, en dat willen we absoluut ondersteunen: de dynamiek die in Parijs ontstaan is, die is niet gebroken in de COP 22, ondanks de verkiezingen in de Verenigde Staten. En op dat elan moet er worden verder gewerkt. En dan is het uitermate belangrijk dat Europa de historische leidende rol niet alleen vasthoudt, maar verder versterkt en nieuwe bondgenoten zoekt, bijvoorbeeld door naar China te kijken.

En dat betekent dat we dat leiderschap ook moeten tonen in ons eigen beleid en ik ondersteun wat collega Turmes daarover gezegd heeft: als het gaat over het winterpakket dat er aan zit te komen, laat dat alsjeblieft, commissaris, het meest ambitieuze zijn dat we naar voren kunnen schuiven als het gaat over energie-efficiëntie, over onze gebouwen en uiteraard over de hernieuwbare energie.

Maar het is ook een opdracht voor ons zelf, er is daarnet al een paar keer over gezegd: we zitten in de laatste rechte lijn in het Parlement om te onderhandelen binnen ENVI over ETS. Ook daar, beste collega's, zo ambitieus mogelijk. We moeten nog met de lidstaten gaan onderhandelen. We weten altijd dat dat aanleiding geeft tot nog wat verwatering van de compromissen.

Dus leg de lat hoog, laat zien aan de rest van de wereld dat we ons hoofd niet laten hangen. Maar, en dan geef ik eigenlijk ook Peter Liese gelijk, ik vind dat heel bemoedigend en ik vind dat we echt moeten nadenken, over de partijpolitieke grenzen heen, de komende weken en maanden, hoe we dat gaan oplossen.

Als, ik zeg wel als, de Verenigde Staten zich op één of andere manier terugtrekken uit Parijs, dan moeten we niet naïef zijn. We moeten én ambitieus zijn, én tegelijkertijd ervoor zorgen dat we onze industrie beschermen. Als we van onze industrie grote inspanningen vragen, wat we moeten doen om ervoor te zorgen dat wij de CO2 aanpakken, moeten we er ook voor zorgen dat we op een goede manier bekijken hoe we ons kunnen beschermen tegen landen die uit het akkoord van Parijs stappen.

En ik denk dat we daar moeten nadenken over wat de best mogelijke manier is en dat houdt uiteraard ook verband met een nieuwe visie op handel in de toekomst. Peter van Dalen ECR. En hij heeft ons de verantwoordelijkheid gegeven om goed te zorgen voor zijn schepping en ik hoop en ik bid dat aankomend president Donald Trump dat ook zal beseffen en nadrukkelijk ook zal doen. Op de klimaattop in Marokko is gelukkig het klimaatakkoord van Parijs opnieuw bevestigd en iedereen heeft elkaar opgeroepen tot concrete actie.

En ik was ook blij dat in Marrakesh ook het bedrijfsleven nadrukkelijk van zich liet horen. En ik vind het hoopgevend dat uitgerekend in de Verenigde Staten er steeds meer bedrijven zijn die opkomen voor duurzaam produceren, duurzaam ondernemen, juist in de tijd dat meneer Trump eraan komt. Die concrete actie, Voorzitter, moet wat mij betreft ook plaatsvinden in de sectoren die buiten Parijs zijn gebleven.

En dan denk ik aan de scheepvaart en aan de luchtvaart. Het is zo dat in Montreal de luchtvaart een eerste stap heeft gezet, maar dat is echt verre van voldoende. Er moet veel meer gebeuren. En de scheepvaart werkt inderdaad aan schonere motoren en misschien ook aan retrofits van bestaande motoren, maar harde reductiedoelstellingen blijven uit.

Het bedrijfsleven en de overheden moeten in deze sectoren laten zien dat ze klimaatverandering serieus nemen. Want als we de klimaatverandering en de gevolgen daarvan echt willen aanpakken, dan is de inzet van iedereen nodig: én bedrijven én overheden. However, we all know also that the negotiations were tedious and very technical, and the big political point was, of course, what is going to happen with the United States. That was the political side of the story which was not in the negotiations room, but was very prominent and visible and you could feel it in the rooms in Marrakech.

There, we really have a challenge. What we saw happening in Marrakech is that China is taking the lead. They say that they are going ahead no matter what. That is very important, but we also know that it is a delicate balance. For example, a country like India is much more insecure. Is Europe going to step in in two ways — dealing with China and also increasing ambition? We need to show that we, as Europe, not only talk the talk but also walk the walk.

That is crucial, and that is where Europe is not delivering yet, but it is also now very crucial in the negotiations on ETS, for example. And what have they achieved? I will tell you: three parts of not very much. On the vexed question of finance, they agreed to keep talking; on the Adaptation Fund, they failed to reach agreement; on the Facilitative Dialogue, they postponed to ; on the rulebook, they reached no real conclusion; and on the vague concept of loss and damage from climate change, they agreed a five-year plan, effectively postponing the decision until So I agree with the rapporteur that in the current context of declining consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables and milk products among children in the EU, an extended list of healthy and local foodstuffs eligible for EU funding should be distributed.

An extended list of milk, vegetable and food products, which includes other products such as nuts, yoghurt and cheese, is necessary in order to sufficiently follow nutritional recommendations on calcium absorption, promote the consumption of these products and further help respond to the particular nutritional needs of children.

L'UE ha pertanto deciso di istituire un quadro giuridico e finanziario che regoli la distribuzione di prodotti genuini e agricoli, attraverso i programmi "Latte nelle scuole" e "Frutta nelle scuole". Le nuove norme mirano a garantire un maggior impegno non solo nel fornire alimenti più sani ai bambini, ma soprattutto nell'educare gli stessi ad avere abitudini alimentari più salutari.

Ho espresso voto favorevole poiché ritengo che i suddetti programmi possano apportare notevoli benefici alla salute pubblica e, al contempo, giovare alla crescita del settore agricolo europeo. Otros elementos importantes recogidos en el informe son las medidas educativas de acompañamiento y el hecho de que los Estados miembros puedan dar prioridad a las consideraciones relativas a la sostenibilidad y el comercio justo.

The revisions were primarily concerned with visibility of the scheme and amending those parts related to educational aspects. The revision further allows the Commission to adopt delegated and implementing acts dictating exactly how this is to be done methods of publicising, exact size of posters, font, website tools, etc. The original aim of the scheme was to promote local produce and healthy eating.

This new focus on publicity is an unsuitable use of funds for an already functioning scheme. Therefore I abstained on this vote. Je m'en félicite, car la priorité est donnée aux fruits et légumes frais, d'une part, et il est interdit de distribuer des produits transformés dans lesquels du sucre, du sel, des graisses, des édulcorants ou des arômes artificiels ont été rajoutés, d'autre part, ce malgré un lobbying très actif du côté de l'industrie agroalimentaire.

Il permettra de regrouper en un seul les programmes de consommation de fruits et légumes et de lait dans les écoles et de renforcer le budget alloué à celui-ci en le portant à millions d'euros. Ce programme encouragera une consommation de fruits et légumes frais ainsi que de produits laitiers chez les jeunes européens. L'école jouera un rôle pédagogique et central non négligeable afin d'améliorer les habitudes alimentaires de nos enfants.

Il dynamisera l'agriculture de proximité et les circuits courts en privilégiant les produits locaux et saisonniers, ainsi que les produits issus de l'agriculture biologique. Dans le contexte de crise agricole que nous connaissons, ce programme soutiendra les petits agriculteurs et le secteur laitier en leur permettant d'écouler leurs produits. Pascal Arimont PPEschriftlich. Da die Schule der Ort ist, an dem sie die meiste Zeit des Tages verbringen, ist es wichtig, dass sie dort sowohl gesundes Essen erhalten können als auch besser über gesunde Ernährungsgewohnheiten unterrichtet werden.

Cela permettra notamment de favoriser les produits du terroir et d'engager des politiques alimentaires locales. I agree with the sentiment of the report that healthy eating should be promoted in schools. The UK already has healthy eating promoted in schools as part of the curriculum because it is important to educate children to make good food choices. The EC would be automatically allowed to decide what British children can and cannot eat without any consultation.

This is a dangerous precedent to set. Il est important de renforcer la consommation de ces productions au sein du marché intérieur, et cela peut se faire via les établissements scolaires.

Malgré un lobbying actif de la part de l'industrie agroalimentaire, les États membres sont désormais invités à promouvoir des habitudes alimentaires saines, à encourager les circuits courts en privilégiant les produits locaux et saisonniers ainsi que les produits issus de l'agriculture biologique.

Le principal changement apporté par le texte adopté sera le renforcement du budget alloué à ce programme, qui sera porté à millions d'euros. Tout en encourageant des habitudes alimentaires plus saines, ce programme soutiendra également les petits agriculteurs qui pourront ainsi y trouver un déboucher pérenne. Nicolas Bay ENFpar écrit.

Enfin une mesure qui va dans le sens des producteurs français! Il s'agit à l'évidence d'une initiative qui multiplie les aspects positifs comme la promotion d'habitudes alimentaires saines afin de lutter contre la consommation d'aliments sucrés ou gras par les enfants, ce qui est source d'obésité ou de problèmes de santé dans le futur. Grâce à cette initiative, 30 millions d'enfants mangeront plus sainement au sein de près de écoles dans l'Union européenne.

Tutta l'Europa sembra essere colpita da un calo del consumo di frutta e di verdura, mentre si verifica un aumento costante del rischio di malattie legate alla cattiva alimentazione e all'obesità. Il mio sostegno alla relazione Tarabella nasce dalla convinzione che l'aumento delle risorse dedicate allo sviluppo delle corrette abitudini alimentari sia un investimento cruciale per il futuro delle giovani generazioni. I milioni di euro stanziati, a fronte dei soli 20 milioni previsti sino ad oggi, rappresentano una chiara conferma dell'impegno dell'UE in materia di alimentazione.

L'accorpamento dei programmi scolastici esistenti, relativamente a prodotti ortofrutticoli e latte, consentirà in particolare di migliorare l'efficienza delle misure europee, garantendo al contempo un migliore utilizzo dei fondi. Le misure adottate prevedono l'esclusione di tutti i prodotti contenenti zuccheri e dolcificanti aggiunti e garantiscono una priorità ai prodotti freschi e locali, a discapito di quelli trasformati come zuppe, composti, succhi di frutta, yogurt e formaggio.

Dominique Bilde ENFpar écrit. Ce programme est une bonne mesure, puisqu'il organise la distribution de fruits et légumes, de bananes et de produits laitiers dans les établissements scolaires. Ce texte donne avant tout la liberté aux Brides of dracula membres de mettre en place ce programme, ce qui leur permet donc de rester maîtres de leur souveraineté et permet l'utilisation de produits locaux.

Je vote pour cette résolution. Mara Bizzotto ENFper iscritto. Ho quindi sostenuto col mio voto questo provvedimento. Dessutom ska en väsentlig del av fondpengarna handla om att göra reklam och marknadsföra EU som projekt.

Resultatet blir ett betänkande med god intention men som egentligen ger maximal utdelning till mjölkindustrin och marknadsföring för EU. Es necesario que cada uno de los Estados miembros a los que vayan a concederse dichas ayudas establezca una estrategia a nivel nacional o regional y que otorgue la publicidad necesaria a la intervención en el régimen escolar y a las subvenciones de las que se va a hacer uso.

Ez az összeg véleményem szerint nem elégséges. Il rivisto regime di aiuti per la distribuzione di ortofrutticoli, banane e latte negli istituti scolastici sosterrà l'educazione dei bambini verso corrette abitudini alimentari, incoraggiandoli al consumo di prodotti freschi e genuini provenienti dalle produzioni locali e regionali.

I divieti più stringenti nell'uso di dolcificanti e aromi artificiali tra i prodotti distribuiti e un potenziamento del ruolo di controllo da parte delle autorità nazionali di sanità sono elementi importanti della proposta adottata oggi.

La revisione permetterà inoltre un concreto sostegno al comparto agricolo, che vive oggi un momento di difficoltà congiunturale, incoraggiando la ripresa di un legame forte tra gli agricoltori e la comunità locale, sempre nell'ottica del rispetto della stagionalità dei prodotti.

En effet, les États ont la possibilité de favoriser l'utilisation des produits locaux. L'educazione alimentare è un valore che deve essere insegnato ai bambini e ai ragazzi anche nei percorsi scolastici: scuola e famiglia rappresentano infatti i due principali soggetti educativi nella vita dei bambini e degli adolescenti. Perfezionare la regolamentazione al fine di privilegiare la valorizzazione delle produzioni locali e la commercializzazione sulla filiera corta, prevedendo la possibilità di operare trasferimenti tra le quote nazionali dell'aiuto in supporto al programma, è sicuramente propedeutico all'aumento dell'efficacia e al miglioramento del coordinamento dell'Unione in materia di educazione alla corretta alimentazione e di promozione dei prodotti ortofrutticoli e lattiero-caseari locali, risorse importanti di cui molti paesi dell'Unione possono andare fieri.

Steeve Briois ENFpar écrit. C'est pourquoi j'ai voté pour ce programme de bon sens, qui doit faire l'unanimité dans l'intérêt de nos enfants et de nos agriculteurs. Daniel Buda PPEîn scris. Gianluca Buonanno ENFper iscritto. Il programma relativo alla distribuzione nelle scuole di ortofrutticoli, banane e latte viene confermato con alcune migliorie relative ai criteri di distribuzione dei fondi e, al suo interno, viene leggermente aumentata la dotazione esclusiva sul latte.

Nonostante rimaniamo scettici come in passato circa l'applicazione operativa dello strumento, riconoscendo comunque l'importanza della diffusione dell'educazione alimentare nelle scuole, a fronte della peggiore crisi dei prezzi dei principali prodotti agricoli anche questa piccola dotazione finanziaria potrebbe rappresentare un segnale positivo.

Alain Cadec PPEpar écrit. Éduquer les enfants, dès leur plus jeune âge, à consommer des produits bénéfiques peut également être fait à l'école. Les programmes de promotion du "lait à l'école" et "des fruits et légumes à l'école" servent cet objectif. Ces deux programmes jusqu'alors distincts seront à présent réunis au sein d'une même structure.

Ceci permettra de simplifier les procédures administratives et d'optimiser l'efficacité des deux programmes.

J'ai voté en faveur de ce rapport. Si tratta di una relazione importante, incentrata sull'educazione alimentare, per la quale il Parlamento ha ottenuto uno stanziamento complessivo di milioni di euro. Il Parlamento ha garantito che i fondi europei siano distribuiti in maniera più equa tra gli Stati membri, fissando due nuovi criteri fondamentali per l'attuazione dell'intero programma: il numero di bambini di età compresa tra i 6 e i 10 anni nello Stato membro interessato e il grado di sviluppo delle regioni all'interno dello Stato membro, in modo da garantire che gli aiuti maggiori siano assegnati alle regioni meno sviluppate.

Una dieta sana e bilanciata è il fondamento di una buona salute, ma purtroppo il consumo di frutta, verdura e latte è in calo nell'UE. È quindi essenziale sostenere questo programma per permettere di contrastare l'attuale calo del consumo di ortofrutticoli freschi e di prodotti lattiero-caseari, soprattutto tra i bambini, e, nel contempo, porre un argine all'aumento dell'incidenza dell'obesità infantile dovuto ad abitudini di consumo orientate a prodotti alimentari altamente trasformati, che per di più spesso contengono elevate dosi di zuccheri, sale, grassi o additivi aggiunti.

David Casa PPEin writing. I welcome the proposal to use the EU funds to finance the distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as milk and other dairy products, including lactose-free, in schools. I believe that that this should be accompanied by formal education in order to teach young people about the impact the choice of food has on our bodies and general well-being and the impact of its cultivation on the environment.

I agree that healthy eating habits should be encouraged from the earliest age. L'aiuto dell'UE al finanziamento della distribuzione di prodotti agricoli ai bambini nelle scuole promuoverà maggiormente le abitudini alimentari sane e il consumo di prodotti locali.

Ho votato a favore. However, I cannot support the legislative report as proposed by the rapporteur because I believe there are several problematic points in it. I do not see a case for such a strong, EU—sponsored and subsidized scheme, imposing on Member States the supply of fruit, vegetables and milk for children.

I am convinced that any scheme like this should be promoted and managed mainly on the Member State level, taking into account the specificities of local educational establishments and local agriculture production. Any general, EU level, scheme does not, in my view, seem to fit the purpose.

This programme helps us promote the consumption of healthy food in schools and also change the food eating habits of our future generations. From Augustschools will have to prioritise the distribution of fresh food over processed food. Added sweeteners and artificial flavour enhancers will also be totally banned from the products distributed under the school schemes for the first time.

Products containing added sugar, salt and fat will, as a general rule, be prohibited and would only be allowed after being authorised by national health authorities. Furthermore, limits of salt, sugar and fat will be defined at EU level by the Commission via a delegated act. In Ireland, one in regime del margine art 36 dl 41 1995 children is overweight or obese.

If we do not start changing habits now, we will be faced with even bigger costs in the health system due to increased numbers of patients suffering from diabetes, diseases, cancer and a vast range of other conditions associated with obesity and poor dietary habits.

There is an increasing need to restrict sugar and unhealthy fat intake. This will help our younger generations live healthier and longer lives. Tali programmi hanno raggiunto, nel corso degli anni, circa 30 milioni di bambini in tutta Europa. Guidare le abitudini alimentari fin dall'infanzia contribuisce a sviluppare una maggiore consapevolezza verso un'alimentazione equilibrata e a prevenire l'obesità.

Benché i due programmi avessero la stessa finalità - la promozione di un'alimentazione sana e l'aumento di consumo di frutta, ortaggi e latte da parte dei bambini, erano tuttavia regolati da quadri giuridici e finanziari diversi che hanno contribuito a rendere eccessivo l'onere amministrativo a carico delle autorità locali e nazionali.

Il nuovo regolamento mira a snellire le procedure amministrative e finanziarie previste nei precedenti e introduce un'interessante novità rivolta ai più piccoli: avranno infatti la possibilità di entrare a contatto con chi produce gli alimenti e di confrontarsi con diverse tipologie di prodotti.

Ho votato a favore di questo regolamento condividendone la finalità e la semplificazione apportata che ne consentirà un'implementazione più diffusa. Alberto Cirio PPEper iscritto. La Commissione propone infatti con questo documento di concentrare la distribuzione di tali prodotti nelle scuole educando i ragazzi all'ambiente e alla salute pubblica con lo scopo di rafforzare il loro legame con l'agricoltura. A mio avviso, in realtà, la proposta va molto oltre: in un mondo in cui l'industria chiede allo Stato di orientare le scelte alimentari in una direzione ritenuta desiderabile, io plaudo a queste iniziative che mirano ad insegnare ai bambini il valore di una dieta varia ed equilibrata, in linea con il loro personale fabbisogno.

Non esistono cibi buoni e cibi cattivi, esistono piuttosto l'uso e l'abuso, e delle necessità individuali dipendenti da molteplici fattori e all'interno delle quali va diversificato l'approvvigionamento di elementi nutritivi. Complimenti al collega Tarabella per il lavoro svolto nei triloghi. Deirdre Clune PPEin writing. Childhood obesity is increasing due to the consumption of food with high sugar, salt and fat levels.

It is necessary to ensure healthy eating habits within educational establishments, along with promoting the consumption of local products. The financial stability of this scheme must be protected by ensuring Member States cannot unilaterally cut the budget or alter the criteria for the allocation of EU funds. Healthy eating standards can be promoted by educating children on local food, eating habits and organic farming, along with the challenges of food waste.

The scheme must give priority to under-consumed fresh and local products to ensure maximum benefit to participants. The scheme will exclude foods with artificial flavours and added sweeteners, any foods with limited amounts of added sugar, salt and fat will receive funding as an exception pending the approval of national health authorities. Carlos Coelho PPEpor escrito. Lara Comi PPEper iscritto. Let us make best use of this scheme not to just increase awareness about healthy nutrition from an early age but also to heighten the visibility of European Union aid amongst our families.

Sulla possibilità per gli Stati membri di trasferire una certa percentuale di fondi tra i pacchetti budgetari, la Presidenza ha deciso di inserire la percentuale nell'atto di base. Per quanto riguarda l'elenco dei prodotti da distribuire, il testo ora chiarisce, su richiesta del Parlamento, che gli Stati membri diano priorità alla distribuzione di prodotti freschi rispetto a quelli trattati, al fine di incoraggiare abitudini alimentari più sane tra i bambini.

Il mio voto è quindi favorevole. It is an important step forward in ensuring a more efficient use of schemes which ensures that the necessary measures to promote healthy and fresh food in our educational institutions are being implemented.

I believe that this is necessary to further contribute to the current obesity problem in the European Union Member States. It is important to have safeguards in place, specifically regarding processed foods, added sweeteners, artificial flavours and other additives such as sugar and salt. We need to make sure that children have healthy eating habits and this can take place through educational measures which are listed in the report.

Daniel Dalton ECRin writing. As a passionate advocate of healthy eating and living for young people, schemes to promote these ends are much more financially effective if delivered by national, regional and local governments.

Whilst the UK does not currently participate in the EU School Fruit Scheme, it does promote healthy eating in school-age children through its own national initiatives which provide more fruit than the EU schemes offer. Viste queste statistiche allarmanti, credo sia fondamentale incoraggiare sane abitudini alimentari sin dalla più tenera età e portare i giovani consumatori a contatto con i produttori locali.

Certo, in questo regolamento anche i prodotti con l'aggiunta cacao beneficeranno di un finanziamento Unione europea, ma l'Unione pagherà solo per la percentuale di latte contenuta in essi, che comunque rappresenterà la maggior parte. Si darà priorità alla produzione locale e regionale, filiere corte, prodotti biologici e prodotti di qualità, come ad esempio l'olio di oliva, alla base di una sana dieta mediterranea.

Per tutte queste ragioni ho votato a favore di questo regolamento e spero che il programma scolastico che ne conseguirà venga largamente richiesto anche dai nostri istituti italiani. Michel Dantin PPEpar écrit. Il s'agit d'un rapport important à plusieurs titres. Ensuite sur le fond, ces programmes permettront, alors que les risques d'obésité ne cessent de croître en Europe, de promouvoir une alimentation saine auprès des populations les plus jeunes.

En lirik lagu the spirit carries on versi indonesia, alors que le secteur des fruits et légumes et le marché laitier sont en difficulté à l'heure actuelle, ces programmes permettront de mobiliser millions d'euros par an dans le cadre de l'Organisation commune des marchés des produits agricoles. Considérant que le présent accord préserve également l'enveloppe de la France dans le cadre des crédits en faveur des produits laitiers, j'ai voté en faveur de ce texte.

Rachida Dati PPEpar écrit. J'ai donc voté en faveur de ce rapport qui vise à contribuer à la promotion d'habitudes alimentaires saines ainsi qu'à la consommation de produits locaux dans les cantines scolaires. La frutta, la verdura e il latte sono prodotti indispensabili per la crescita e lo sviluppo sano dei ragazzi e pertanto devono essere alimenti consumati maggiormente in tutte le scuole europee.

Consumare questi prodotti almeno una volta al giorno aiuta a vivere più sani e più a lungo. Oltre che fonte di vitamine, fibre e sali minerali, abbassano il rischio di obesità e prevengano l'insorgenza di alcuni tipi di tumore. È opportuno quindi abituare i più piccoli a introdurre questi preziosi alleati nella loro dieta. Tel est le fil conducteur du règlement sur le régime d'aide à la distribution de fruits et légumes, de bananes et de lait dans les établissements scolaires, voté par le Parlement européen.

Ce règlement qui tend à mobiliser millions d'euros par an pour fournir des fruits, des légumes et des produits laitiers aux élèves, tout en soutenant nos agriculteurs, mettra également l'accent sur la dimension éducative de la nutrition.

Angélique Delahaye PPEpar écrit. Compte tenu de la baisse de la consommation de fruits, de légumes et de produits laitiers chez les jeunes, j'ai voté en faveur de ce rapport. En effet, la réunification de ces programmes va encourager la consommation, dans les établissements scolaires, de produits sains avec une priorité donnée aux produits locaux et de surpoids et assurance pret logement, tout en tenant compte des habitudes alimentaires régionales.

Ainsi, les États membres devront prioriser la distribution de produits frais et locaux par rapport aux produits transformés avec pour objectif d'encourager des habitudes alimentaires saines. Je me félicite, enfin, que cette initiative viennent de la filière française des fruits et légumes.

Mark Demesmaeker ECRschriftelijk. In Vlaanderen is 1 op de 5 jongeren te zwaar; de leeftijdsgroep van 5 tot 9 jaar baart daarbij het meest zorgen.

Dit heeft uiteraard verschillende oorzaken, maar te weinig fruit en groenten is een belangrijke factor in dit verhaal. Gezonde voeding van kindsbeen af aanmoedigen is absoluut noodzakelijk en de schoolregeling kan een waardevolle bijdrage leveren! Ten tweede steun ik de hervorming, omdat die de efficiëntie en doeltreffendheid van de regeling wil verhogen, de administratieve rompslomp verminderen en zo de drempel verlagen voor scholen om deel te nemen. Ik zie tenslotte ook een economisch argument, namelijk dat de meeste betrokken producten door lokale of regionale producenten worden geproduceerd.

Dit akkoord is een stap in de goede richting, maar uiteraard slechts een deel van een grotere puzzel. Een gezonde levensstijl aanmoedigen, in het bijzonder bij kinderen, vergt een structurele en integrale aanpak op lange termijn met een cruciale rol voor de bevoegde overheden in de lidstaten. Nous nous sommes opposés par ailleurs, pour des raisons de santé, aux tentatives d'introduire la possibilité de distribuer des produits transformés dans lesquels du sucre, du sel, des graisses, des édulcorants ou des arômes artificiels ont été ajoutés.

Enfin, ce programme est adossé à l'obligation d'introduire la promotion de saines habitudes alimentaires, les circuits courts, l'agriculture biologique et la lutte contre le gaspillage. Or, une alimentation saine et équilibrée est à la base d'une bonne santé. C'est pourquoi, je soutiens toute initiative visant à renforcer le régime de fruits, de légumes et de lait à l'école en l'axant davantage sur l'éducation à une alimentation saine.

De plus considérant que les programmes en faveur du lait et des fruits dans les écoles opéraient jusqu'à présent selon des dispositions juridiques et financières différentes, je considère qu'il était nécessaire d'assurer la stabilité du programme. Je me réjouis de l'enveloppe supplémentaire de 20 millions d'euros par an négociée par le Parlement pour financer la distribution de produits laitiers et la mise en place de mesures éducatives.

Cela porte le financement annuel pour le lait à millions d'euros, tandis que millions d'euros sont dévolus aux fruits et légumes.

Il laisse en outre aux États-membres la liberté quant aux modalités d'application, par exemple en favorisant les produits locaux, ou en défendant un patriotisme alimentaire régional ou national. La souveraineté des États étant respectée, j'ai voté en faveur de ce texte. Ez az összeg szerintem nem elégséges. I samband med sammanslagningen av programmen har dessutom adderats ytterligare produkter utöver färsk mjölk.

Det är lovvärt att förenkla lagstiftning men jag anser att det inte är en EU-kompetens att ansvara för skolmjölk och skolfrukt. Givet detta har jag valt att rösta emot betänkandet i sin helhet. O relatório, que votei favoravelmente, prevê um orçamento para a fruta e legumes de milhões de euros e para o leite escolar de milhões de euros, por ano letivo.

Edouard Ferrand ENFpar écrit. Per questo, come M5S, siamo molto soddisfatti dell'accordo raggiunto in sede di trilogo sul dossier relativo al finanziamento del regime di aiuti per la distribuzione di prodotti ortofrutticoli, banane e latte negli istituti scolastici.

Siamo molto soddisfatti sia per i risultati raggiunti in termini finanziari sia per l'affermazione del principio in virtù del quale occorre impegnarsi ad educare i giovani a consumare prodotti freschi, escludendo quanto più possibile l'uso di zuccheri e sali aggiunti, e sottoposti a rigorosi controlli delle autorità nazionali. L'educazione a uno stile di vita sano ed equilibrato potrà senz'altro avere effetti positivi sia per la salute dei giovani cittadini europei sia per la sostenibilità delle scelte di consumo che faranno nel corso della loro vita.