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Il est un symptôme de la fin des Lumières I mean, it has been astronomical. Improve and modernise agriculture to increase productivity and production, and diversify agricultural production. Appropriate consideration will be given for mitigation of the environmental and social impacts, which might be provided through the activities under ProSAVANA.

Incorporate the results of relevant studies on the natural conditions and socio-economic situations, to support the establishment of appropriate agricultural development models. Promote diversification of agricultural production, based on research results to increase profitability.

Enhance the enabling environment to promote responsible investments and activities, aiming to establish a win-win relationship between small-scale farmers and agribusiness firms. Promote public and private partnership as one of the driving forces for inclusive and sustainable agricultural development. Programme qui avait été promu par Lula. Searching for ProSavana in Mozambique. What if you threw a lavish party for foreign investors, and no one came? In my two weeks in Mozambique, including one week in the Nacala Corridor, I had a hard time finding evidence of any such transformation.

It was easy, though, to find outrage at a plan seen by many in the region as a secret land grab. That resistance, which has evolved into a tri-national campaign in Japan, Brazil, and Mozambique to stop ProSavana, is one of the reasons the project is a currently a dud.

I came to look at ProSavana because, out of all the large-scale projects I studied over the course of the last year, this one sounded almost plausible. That was already more than a lot of these grand schemes had going for them.

I was also compelled by the sheer scale of the project. When first announced, ProSavana was to encompass 35 million hectares of land, an area the size of North Carolina. That would have made it the largest land acquisition in Africa.

ProSavana also interested me because it was zu viel botox gespritzt the usual neo-colonial megaproject promoted by the Global North. This was South-South investment, the new wave of development in a multipolar world. It turns out that the two regions differ dramatically. The cerrado had poor soils, which technology was able to address. The Nacala Corridor, by contrast, has good soils, which is precisely why it is the most densely-populated part of rural Mozambique.

If there are good lands, you can bet civilization has discovered them and is farming them. So the country has one of the stronger land laws in Africa, which grants use rights to farmers who have been farming land for ten years or more. The disconnect between the claims ProSavana was making to its investors and the reality of the situation reached almost laughable proportions.

There are a few large soybean farms in Gurue, producing for the domestic poultry industry; but nothing like the export boom promised by ProSavana. He told me no investor could expect that in the Nacala Corridor. The only foreign investors who will farm there, he said, are those willing to take 2, hectares and involve local farmers.

To me, that sounded like a very quick surrender on the ProSavana battlefield. It would be a crime. The turnaround was stunning, and welcome, if not quite believable. It certainly had not quieted the coalition calling for an end to ProSavana until farmers and civil society groups are consulted on the agricultural development plan for the Nacala Corridor.

But lest I think anything profound had been learned from that experience, he reassured me that the Mozambican government remains firmly committed to relying on large-scale foreign investment to address its agricultural underdevelopment. He pulled out a two-inch-thick binder to show me he was serious. It was the project proposal for the Lurio River Valley Development Project, a ,hectare irrigation scheme right there in the northern Nacala Corridor. Was it part of ProSavana? Absolutely not.

Had the communities been consulted on this ambitious project along the heavily populated river valley? The ProSavana directorate is still promising a new Master Plan for the project in early So it would be a mistake to think that ProSavana is dead.

Investors may just be waiting for the Mozambican government to bring more to the table than just promotional brochures. Things like land, which turns out to be rather important for a successful land grab.

In the Nacala Corridor, that land is anything but unoccupied. Major oil and gas firms have been venturing into renewable power under pressure from climate-change policy, collectively spending around 1 percent of their budgets on clean energy, according to a recent study by research firm CDP. However, Iberdrola Chief Executive Ignacio Galan, who has led the Spanish utility for 17 years, shrugged when asked in a Reuters interview if Big Oil represented a competitive threat. Galan said returns on oil investment still far exceeded those typical of wind and solar projects and he doubted major oil companies would make a meaningful shift until that changed.

Back in Esquirol commented on the higher incidence of suicide in spring and early summer. Swinscow showed the same thing with all UK suicides from A study in looked at all UK suicide data from and found that even this seasonal pattern had pretty much disappeared.

What about elsewhere? A study on all suicides in North Carolina 3, and admissions to their Veterans Hospital Psychiatry Service 3, from to showed no seasonal variation. Get those in the news, I dare you.

Suicide is the third biggest cause of life years lost. Anything real you could do to study the causes, and possible preventive measures, or effective interventions, would be cracking. Every Campus A Refuge is a novel initiative whereby college campuses provide housing and support to refugees navigating the resettlement process in the United States. Overall, this article aims to provide a detailed account of Every Campus A Refuge so as to show how such a program may be implemented at other college campuses.

No stranger to money-making scams, Adams was convicted of filing a fraudulent disaster-relief claim with FEMA for a property she did not own. She also passed dozens of worthless checks to get by.

Halfway through her second sentence, with her children — three toddlers and a year-old — temporarily under county supervision, Adams said she got a phone call from a family court attorney. Her parental rights, he informed her, were being irrevocably terminated. But she was not charged with any kind of child abuse, neglect or endangerment.

She was banned from seeing them again. After big cities like San Francisco banned businesses from using styrofoam containers, a woman from Durham, North Carolina, who was fed up with the plastic trash began her own crusade. When her Mais si ces organismes se multiplient, le péril est grand pour les animaux.

Florida red tides occur almost every year in the Gulf of Mexico and can harm marine animals and humans. Deux flagelles sont insérés sur la cellule, lui permettant de nager activement3.

Karenia brevis peut se multiplier de manière asexuée ou se reproduire de manière sexuée. Dans le premier cas, il y a division binaire de la cellule. There are several ways human activity can exacerbate a bloom, but the main culprit is allowing nitrogen-rich material such as fertilizer to run off into natural water sources. The same fertilizer that helps sugar cane, tomatoes and corn grow in the Sunshine State feeds algae when it reaches the ocean.

Humans are also playing a role by driving up global temperatures via greenhouse gas emissions.

As air and ocean temperatures increase, the environment becomes more hospitable to toxic algal blooms in several ways, according to scientists and the Environmental Protection Agency. Combined with fertilizer runoff, red tides due to cyanobacteria have spiraled out of control in recent years, particularly in western Lake Erie.

The ceiling is crumbling, the walls chipping, the floorboards sagging; stray wooden planks are strewn against the walls. Last year, it seemed inevitable that the house would succumb to time.

But, thanks to the teamwork of four artists and a nonprofit, the site has a new lease on life. On Tuesday, the house in Tryon, N. The organization will devise a plan to rehabilitate the house so that it might be used by future artists. The so-called ProSavana aimed to turn 14 million hectares of land in the Nacala corridor, in the north of the country, into a huge monoculturemainly soybean for the Chinese market.

The development of the area would have been entrusted to Brazilian entrepreneurs coming directly from Mato Grosso. When they realized they would have lost their ancestral lands, local farmers put up a great mobilisation, which proved very successful. I n a world struck by climate change and overpopulation, food production control is increasingly becoming a huge business for a handful of giant corporations.

Following the industrial production chain of pork, from China to Brazil through the United States and Mozambique, the documentary describes the enormous concentration of power in the hands of these Western and Chinese companies. This movement is putting out of business hundreds of thousands of small producers and transforming permanently entire landscapes.

Launched in United States at the end of the Seventies, the system has been exported across the world, especially in large-populated countries such as China. From waste-lagoons in North Carolina to soybeans monoculture developed in the Amazon rainforest to feed animals, the movie describes how the expansion of this process is jeopardizing the social and environmental balance of the planet. The tower has proven it can shrug off hurricanes with Sandy, Arthur, Matthews passing over since purchased in With triple redundant communications capabilities, underwater, helipad and internal motion detection security cameras, it is a very private and secure OFF THE GRID location and is now available for purchase by auction.

Bids made without a valid deposit will not be accepted. On completion of the auction bidders will have their deposits refunded unless they win the auction but decide to not complete the payment terms. I have no idea beyond the published reports of the split with the founder that started the Nextcloud variant, but it did seem like that is the future. So, getting over to it now made some sense to me.

Here is what I did. History — when and how did these two projects get started Who — what people are funding and supporting the software License — what is the license for each Product — what differences exist in the actual product. Es ist allerdings so, dass viele der Features, die bei ownCloud nur in der Enterprise Edition verfügbar sind, bei Nextcloud bereits kostenlos dabei sind oder sich durch wenige Klicks über den Nextcloud App Store aktivieren lassen.

Ich habe ein paar der Features, die laut dieser Seite nur in der ownClouds Enterprise Version verfügbar sind herausgepickt und geprüft, ob diese in Nextcloud enthalten sind. See how Nextcloud compares to these popular closed-source services, and switch to a more open and transparent solution to protect your data! Nextcloud gagne en matière de sécurité et interfaces et son développement est nettement plus dynamique. Je me pose la question de cette migration depuis quelques mois.

Palestine BDS. Privacy is considered a human right, but achieving privacy in a networked age requires a certain level of privilege. This Special Section on Privacy at the Margins brings together nine original social science papers and an editorial introduction to reveal the complex dynamics—such as coercion and consent—that underpin a range of privacy experiences around the world.

Edited by Alice E. Several papers account for the skills needed to be successful at achieving privacy, and the trade-offs required by those who both gain and lose from being visible. Notably, these articles challenge basic assumptions underlying privacy research and invite scholars to consider new facets of the problem. Bernie's plan for free public education proposes a tax on speculative Wall Street trading that created the volatile markets that risk everyones' future.

Support Bernie; support education for America; support reasonable market taxation, that won't be hitting your wallet.

I was a dreamer. But I was raised in a very violent neighborhood. Every couple of months we had to go bury somebody. I started carrying a weapon. Not too long after, I ended up taking a person's life.

I was My mustache had just grown in.

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