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Current Favorite Products for Curly Hair. They seem popular with any curl pattern. The bottle lasts awhile and you can use just a little or distribute more heavily depending on what type of style you want that day. It can also be used in the shower as a conditioner. I probably like this one better, but I go through it a lot faster. You get good definition and once it dries little to no crunch which is great. This one gets rave reviews all over the internet from the curly crowd.

It does have slightly more crunch than Catwalk if you go to heavy handed on the product, but I think it fights frizz slightly better. So pick your poison. It ads a little shine and helps fight frizz if you use your fingers to style after your hair is dry. Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment for other products you all love below.

You know I will try them! Your email address will not be published. I never ever thought that things could be like this. Omg you made me cry. I'll copie ur comment and put it on my phone and look at it every day! This is so kind! Thanks i'll look with pleasure. Hmm Sorry i meant cap not car. TishaParillon Posts: 5 Registered Users. Hey I'm new here. Be yourself. I used to hate my curls. And since ive been on the curly girl method.

I love my hair. I really wish i knew how to care and love my curls. People should love u for who u are. Its ok to b different Thank you. Has anyone ever tried the tc method? Which is better tc or cg? Different strokes for different folks, some even do a hybrid. The two systems are not that different IMO, conditioning is the major focus in frizz control and curl definition.

Three years CG. Past bra strap length heading for waist. Experimenting with: benign neglect. I agree with Firefox- especially since my starting the TC method was how I realized my routine was cg-friendly.

I can't afford to get either book right now, but my ultimate plan is to get the curly girl handbook. This decision is based solely on the fact that the conditioners that are at least listed on Teri's website I just don't think would be the most compatible with my hair and her curl definition methods doodles or smoothing each curl like I said before seem too time consuming for me personally.

I've been struggling with my hair for a while, but if you just accept it and love it, you will have curl pows Just love your hair! Johari Posts: Registered Users. February I'm so sorry to hear you don't like your hair, but I can relate! I had the same issue at your age and spent a lot of time straightening my hair. If it makes you feel better, do it Donna Website Owner Hair-Caretips. Chanel7 Posts: 3 Registered Users. March I am also ashamed of my curls, im 16 and ive been told to embrace them and accept them, its extremely hard when generally people find my 3A hair type to be unflattering and unattractive As shown in my profile picture i do straighten it, almost everyday.

I straighten it since its what makes me feel beautiful and i cant imagine life without my GHD straightner. Ive always wanted my hair to look more wavy and supermodelish. Unfortunately no matter what i do i cant achieve that, even for a day. Its extremely hard with curly hair, Some products that work miracles on others might do nothing for you.

My hair is very dry and frizzy when its not straightened but when i do straighten it with a heat protecting product its glowing. If only it were natural. I dont always have the time or energy to straighten it and i normally skip school when those days arrive as im so ashamed of my natural hair. I don't know if you realize it but there are a ton of straight haired girls that wish it were curly. As long as you continually straighten it it will be damaged and dry.

Are there any curly haired people you admire their curls? Imani Posts: 58 Registered Users. Beside they aren't your true friends and boys are straight up DUMB in highschool masque pour cheveux secs miel my advice to you is not to give them the time of day.

S I am a sopmore and I did the big chop at first I regretted but now I know who the people I can trust are. I found an awesome tutorial on YouTube that shows how to style naturally curly hair so that it looks great. I tried it this morning forgot the "twist curl" thing in the front, which I'll do tomorow as some places on my left side need extra help and it works!!

It really, really, works and my 2C hair looks similar to the girl in the video's hair. I found it after viewing this thread so if it's already been posted, my apologies. But try this. See if you like your hair.

Sometimes curly and sometimes just wavy upper layer with a ringlety under layer. My hair has been thick and coarse since birth.

Strawberry blonde in color that can and does change depending on the type and amount of light. All in all, I'm happy with my hair type but almost for sure think yours is prettier. December All hair is beautiful! You only don't like it because you're not knowing how to take care of it!

There are so many techniques you can use! I love my hair now!! Lots of tips and tricks for amazing curls! She''ll teach you so many things! It does wonders! Bonne Chance! Ne oubliez pas de rechercher "Curly Penny" sur YouTube!! Mevcurls Posts: 3 Registered Users. Girlyou should be happy you have 3b curls because I know alot of people who would love to have you curls all the way from 1's to 4's, especially me.

When I entered 6th grade I hated my hair. I loved it for a while. All my friends who made fun of my afro were now saying how nice my hair is and asked if I was of Indian descent beacause it was long, thick and shiny. But then my hair started to thin and I wished for my hair back I remembered having 3c curls and how shiny they were in cornrows and bonded styles.

I started to do straw set to get afro-ish curls and too my suprise eveyone like it and thought it was my hair so that made me decide to transition. I did this for 5 months until I got fed up with my mom nagging me to bc while my grandmom begged me to relax my hair.

I nouveau medicament americain pour maigrir kilos then disappointed. My loose ,big curls changed to small tight 4a curls. It wasn't my hair and I wanted to texturize.

My friends at school were shocked that my hair was an afro and not curls since I had shown pics of me younger with cute curls and told me I should have just relaxed it instead. I am still natural today although I still go through I hate my hair days and wish my curls were back but I guess being relaxed for a year and 3 months changed my curl pattern. I still wish I had your hair and suffer from curl envy but let me just say GOD made you perfect in his image and you are beautiful just the way you are so don't care about what those people say they are probably jealous of your bouncy curls and boys in my country love girls with curls or relaxed regímenes del isr too so I can relate but I am sure someone out there who really likes you will love your curlsmaybe a boy may like you now and you don't even know it.

I am 15 and am suprised that cute boys still like me with my shortafro something I thought would never happen in 9th grade. I also ask random people whose curls are similar too mine but seem healthier so it may help.

Don't be shy. I didn't mean to sound mean at the beginning. I recommend also that you try to watch some youtube videos with 3b youtubers and try sites like BHI which has lots of info even if you aren't black it will helpBobi CurlsCurlyhair. Also you can use wikki how and research curly hair. You can aslo do roller sets for smmoth curls or straight hair you can find out how to do it on youtube along with other ways to get heatless styles. I hope this helps you. Its what God gave you!

Curls are beautiful! And you have a whole community of support :. Iness Posts: 1 Registered Users. Salutbon on va y aller en français parce que je suis trop contente là, j'ai enfin trouvé une française sur ce site, trop fière de moi aha x J'ai un peu la même histoire que toi et j'ai ton âge bon ok un an de plus, j'avoueet quand j'ai lu ton message j'ai eu l'impression que c'était moi qui parlait, alors je tiens beaucoup à te répondre, ça va probablement être un roman mais bon.