Can botox remove double chin

George Wooming, M. The use of Botox is a very popular practice and can be an alternative to cosmetic surgery.

Can botox remove double chin

Contact Us to see if Botox is right for you. The glabella is the area between the eyebrows. This area is a high-risk wrinkle area. Injecting Botox in this area allows you to have smooth skin around the eyebrow area. Since the forehead is a large open area, making it easier for wrinkles to appear, the injections must be strategically placed. The injection site needs to be in the middle of the forehead to avoid drooping of the eyebrow.

Crows Feet. How long will the results last? How many treatments are necessary? Clients need between treatments with average number being 3.

Top 3 Most Popular Botox Areas

We like to schedule appointments six to eight weeks apart. How long does recovery take?

Because the procedure is minimally invasive, downtime is very limited. The client may experience mild discomfort during the procedure. After the procedure, the client may experience minor and temporary side effects such as swelling, bruising, pain and numbness at the injection sites.

The client may experience a significant amount of swelling for the first 48 hours. Results usually become visible during the first month, with maximal results usually visible by the third month.

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Who is a good candidate? A good candidate has fat under their chin that they would like to remove without undergoing an invasive procedure. Had I known it would have been this easy and great, I would have done it sooner!