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Please make sure you read and share the FAQs. This will help ensure everyone knows what they are and aren't allowed to do so the introduction of filtering can be as safe as possible! Do you have a question that isn't answered in the current FAQs? Let us know so that we can add them! It is now official! NT motorcycle riders will be able to legally lane filter form 1st of August ! Rider Awareness NT has been talking with the NT government for some time about this issue and have been addressing it as an official agenda item since December We are glad to finally see the work we put in paying off.

Please read the lane filtering resources such as the FAQs in the below link to make sure that you lane filter within the new laws. A big thank you to the Towards Zero team for helping to bring these laws in. The next advanced road craft course is in less than a month!!!! These courses aren't held often and book out fast so get in before spaces run out :o. Darwin riders are very lucky to have the opportunity to spend a day on Hidden Valley race track and hone their riding skills and road craft under the supervision of some of the best riding instructors you could ask for.

This awesome event is coming up fast, share the page and encourage all of your mates to attend. Also make sure you get your bike and yourself polished up and looking dapper for the cause! Check out www. On the 29th of November we held this years Rider Awareness NT Annual General Meeting to elect a new committee that will lead the organisation in I would like to thank the outgoing members of the committee for their effort throughout the last year.

Without people putting their hand up to be on the Rider Awareness NT committee and giving up their time there would be no advocate for motorcycles in the NT!

These organisations have provided Rider Awareness NT vital support to ensure we can be an effective advocate for riders in the NT. The annual report has been emailed to all financial members, if you are a financial member and have not received our email please let us know. Is there any better way to support a great cause than by going for a ride?

Head down to the No More ride this weekend to help raise awareness of domestic and family violence! A motorist has been given a slap on the wrist for causing the death of a motorcycle rider and yet again, another family is left shattered and feeling let down by the system when they see the cost of their loved ones life reduced to nothing more than a fine.

We are in a time where motor vehicle accidents caused by inattention and complacency are on the rise, some of which can certainly be attributed to societies growing addiction to the distractions of technology and social media. Why has society become so complacent in their attitudes towards road safety?

Why does the system have such vastly different standards when it comes to addressing risk and behavior on the roads versus say, someone walking down the road with a gun in hand? Dans notre boutique de casques, vous pourrez trouver des Casques modulablesCasques jetsCasques intégraux et Casques tout terrain. Sous réserve de retards de livraison imprévisibles de la part des fabricants ou distributeurs, d'évolution des prix, d'éventuelles erreurs et de ventes intermédiaires.

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Motorbike rides nt 380

Nouveaux Voir toute la catégorie. Nouvelles marques. Nouveaux produits Komperdell Ski Protections. Dainese hiver S Nos meilleures marques. Collections spéciale MM Marc Marquez. Absolutely charged with technology for all your leg requirements! Warm, breathable and completely waterproof, the Austral trousers will be your faithful ally on long and challenging journeys whilst always ensuring driving enjoyment reigns supreme.

Veste grand tourisme par excellence, l'Alias se pare du meilleur de la technologie Bering pour vous faire voyager dans le plus grand confort. Look dynamique, polyvalence et ingéniosité avec sa poche spéciale péage, elle a tous les atouts pour vous accompagner sur de nombreux kilomètres! The touring jacket par excellence, Alias uses the best Bering technology so you can travel in optimum comfort. Dynamic, versatile and ingenious, with its special toll-pay pocket, it has all the features you need for a long trip!

Touring trousers to be worn with the jacket of the same name, Alias trousers combine style and optimum comfort with exemplary efficiency. To accompany you through the seasons and over the miles, in total serenity!

Pantalon grand tourisme à associer à la veste du même nom, le pantalon Alias allie look et confort optimal pour une efficacité exemplaire. Au fil des saisons et des kilomètres, il pourra accompagner tous vos voyages, en toute sérénité! Elastiques bas de jambes Système d'aération amovibles Ventilation system Bottomleg removable elastic.

Version courte du haut de gamme Kensington, le Titan propose dans une coupe cintrée, discrète et très confortable, un must de sécurité et de distinction. A shortened version of the high quality Kensington, the Titan offers a tailored waist, discrete and very comfortable cut, a must for security and style. Pour se déplacer en ville dans des conditions optimales quelles que soient les conditions météo, Bering a conçu le blouson Recall.

For riding around town in the best conditions, whatever the weather, Bering has designed the Recall jacket. Dotée ainsi d'une étanchéité et d'une respirabilité sans faille, elle regorge également de petites attentions innovantes, comme une poche maline au niveau du bras, pour un plaisir au quotidien. Being both watertight and breathable, it is also packed with little innovative details, such as the clever pocket in the sleeve, for daily enjoyment.

Emplacements pour éléments chauffants optionnels Places for optional heating elements Matière réfléchissante Reflective material. Produit haut de gamme par excellence, la Kensington Evo représente le summum de ce que peut être une veste city. Réalisée avec des matières nobles, en scooter ou à moto, elle saura être astucieuse, élégante et sécurisante, pendant de longues années, pour votre plus grand plaisir!

A true top of the line product, Kensington Evo represents the best in a city jacket. Made from noble materials, whether worn on a scooter or a motorcycle, this product is always clever, elegant and reassuring, bringing you lots of pleasure for many long years! Enfin un pantalon spécialement dédié à un usage city. Sobre et efficace, le Screen satisfait l'ensemble des attentes du citadin : enfilage aisé, étanchéité, respirabilité, protections et confort indéniable.

At last, a pair of trousers specifically for city use. Modest and effective, Screen meets all the needs of the city rider: easy to put on, waterproof, breathable, protective and distinctly comfortable.

Ses larges empiècements en mesh et en cuir et sa coque de protection combinent de manière unique aération et protection. Son cuir souple et sa paume renforcée sauront vous protéger des mauvaises surprises. As summer arrives, the TX08 will allow your hands to breathe, while protecting them safely.

Its wide mesh and leather panels and its protective padding uniquely combine ventilation and protection. Let your hands breathe in the summer, thanks to the perforated leather of the Arizona perfo glove. The supple leather and reinforced palm will protect you from unfortunate surprises. Réalisé dans un cuir souple et résistant le gant Arizona vous garantit une conduite citadine tout en souplesse et en discrétion. Respirabilité et étanchéité sont les principales qualités du gant été EX Un concentré de technologie en version été.

Un look très sportif pour ce gant été conçu avec un mix de matières cuir et textile assurant confort et souplesse. Léger et aéré, ce gant saura vous offrir un feeling extrêmement précis aux commandes de votre machine. Muni de coques carbone du plus bel effet, il assure pleinement la protection de vos articulations. Breathable and waterproof: the main qualities of the EX10 summer glove.

Concentrated technology for the summer version. With its all leather palm, carbon protectors and perforated back of hand, the Voltage ensures optimum protection AND air flow. They are also offer the perfect mix of protection and comfort for pure carefree riding this summer. Il offre ainsi un mix parfait de protection et de confort pour rouler cet été en toute sérénité.

These gloves exude sporty looks and are made of leather and fabric to keep them comfortable and nimble, to give you an extremely precise grip at the wheel. Un mix cuir textile de bon goût pour ce gant femme.

A tasteful blend of leather and fabric gloves. The quality leather makes them resilient and the material supple. Neat and discreet! As summer arrives, the Lady TX08 will allow your hands to breathe, while protecting them safely. Its wide mesh and leather panels and protective padding uniquely combine ventilation and protection. Le Koato décline les performances du RX 17 au supermotard ou roadster sportif. Il combine à merveille résistance et souplesse pour un feeling et une liberté de mouvements sans limites.

Design ultime et "plus" techniques caractérisent ce nouveau gant racing Bering. Sur route ou sur piste, vous apprécierez le confort procuré et les sensations intactes de la conduite. Ultimate design and "more" techniques are the main characteristics of this new Bering racing glove. On or suite apres injection botox the road, you will enjoy the comfort it provides with no loss of feeling when riding.

The Koato has the performance of the RX17, for superbikers or sporty roadsters. It is an amazing combination of resistance and suppleness, giving a feeling of freedom and unrestricted movement.

The supple leather, ventilation and non-slip grip will boost your safety — and match any driving style. Gloves designed for feel and protection, the Lady Elkina are for sporty women! With a racing, but totally feminine look, they will appeal to dynamic riders! From now on the must have is: the RX! Un gant mi-saison abordable qui fait la part belle au feeling grâce à sa grande souplesse. Il saura ainsi se faire oublier en conduite souple, mais répondra présent si le besoin s'en fait sentir.

An affordable mid-season glove that is a good deal for touch sensation as it is so soft. You will forget you are wearing it on a gentle ride but will fully appreciate it if the need arises. Etancheité et respirabilité sont les maîtres mots de ce gant mi saison.

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Son cuir souple et résistant, son renfort paume et son look intemporel font de ce gant discret, le partenaire idéal des balades estivales. The mid-season glove keeps the water out and lets the air in. The supple and resilient leather, reinforced palm and timeless look make this lowkey glove ideal for your summer drives. Especially supple and comfortable thanks to its mix of neoprene, Amara and Softshell materials, Zack is a model that is waterproof without forgetting to be elegant.

With a long cuff, it is ideal for the unpredictable midseason weather. Gant mi-saison cuir, les gants Score sont sobres et élégants. Résultant d'une parfaite association des tissus les plus modernes et des meilleurs atouts pour protéger vos mains des intempéries, les gants Flyer constituent une valeur sure signée Bering.

A combination of great looks and technicity come together in this mid-season glove! Its mix of soft materials puts comfort and efficiency first. For that perfect feeling even when the weather is still cold, Effect will always have an effect! Look soigné et technicité au rendez-vous pour ce gant mi-saison! A mid-season glove, Score is both low key and elegant. Like all Bering products, they never compromise protection and efficiency by remaining waterproof and by integrating superbly well built-in shells and support pads to ensure perfect homogeneity.

The result of a perfect blend of the most modern fabrics and the best features to protect your hands from bad weather, Flyer gloves represent sound Bering values. Féminins mais pas seulement, les Lady Sina sont aussi étanches, respirants, confortables et abordables! Un lot d'atouts qui devraient leur assurer le succès qu'ils méritent!

Un design très tendance pour ce gant hiver chic et sobre. Alliant tissus haut de gamme et doublure chaude, il habille la main avec élégance en la préservant des agressions extérieures.

Feminine, but much more than that - Lady Sina are also waterproof, breathable, comfortable and affordable! A bunch of features which will guarantee them the success they deserve! Designed for bikers looking for a warm, waterproof and soft glove, Destiny brings the look needed to remain elegant under all circumstances. A truly trendy design for this chic and delicate winter glove. Bringing together high-end fabric and warm lining, it will ensure elegant protection for your hands under the harshest of conditions.

Chaleur, étanchéité et souplesse pour ce gant hiver en cuir de chèvre. Un mariage entre cuir et textile parfaitement réalisé pour tirer le meilleur de chaque matière! Le Swift, étanche et respirant, vous permettra de combattre efficacement le froid et ainsi de conserver chaleur et bonheur lors de vos trajets hivernaux! Mix matières pour l'aisance et la performance, insert étanche et respirant, doublure chaude Primaloft, manchette fluo pour une meilleure herméticité à l'eau et à l'air, force est de constater que le gant Halifax a tout pour plaire!

Hot, sealed and supple is what these goatskin gloves are. With a lining made from premium materials to keep your hands warm, Kerby gloves are a wise choice, when effectiveness comes first! A perfectly executed marriage of leather and textiles to make the most of every material! Swift, is sealed and yet breathable, allowing you to efficiently combat the cold and thereby stay warm and happy during your winter trips! A mix of fabrics for ease and performance, a watertight and breathable insert, a warm Primaloft lining, a fluorescent cuff for better water and air tightness, there is no choice but to accept that the Halifax glove is made to please!

Motifs fleuris en mauve acidulé ou en blanc neige assortis à ceux du blouson Lady Laurene, cuir de chèvre amara et softshell pour un confort et une souplesse assurés, les agréments du Lady Chakra ne s'arrêtent pas là et vous envoûteront! Gant haut de gamme au look racé, égayé d'un marquage laser, le Zoom est un gant tout cuir, étanche, partenaire idéal des hivers rigoureux.

To face the winter with warm hands without compromising on handling, here is the Rosco with its softshell yokes! Guaranteeing first class comfort and softness for a winter full of feeling. Pour affronter l'hiver les mains au chaud sans transiger sur le ressenti des commandes, voici le Rosco et ses empiècements en softshell! Flowery designs in acid mauve or snow white matched with those on the Lady Laurene jacket, amara goat leather and softshell for guaranteed comfort and flexibility, the attractiveness of the Lady Chakra does not end there and will enchant you!

Véritablement urbaines, les Adventure proposent sous un look moderne et dynamique toute l'expérience Bering en matière de chaussures de sportswear. A classic, dynamic Sportswear look, Snake has rubber markings and is very comfortable and easy to wear, with its fine, light soles and "automatic" lace fastenings!

A classic, dynamic Sportswear look, Lady Snake has rubber markings and is very comfortable and easy to wear, with its fine, light soles and "automatic" lace fastenings! La botte Touring selon Bering. Haute, souple et légère, étanche, confortable, protectrice avec sa protection de tibia, la Meka sait cacher son efficacité sous un look discret. The Touring boot from Bering.

Long, supple and lightweight, waterproof, comfortable with its stretch panels at the back of the calf, ensure protection with its shin pads, the Meka discreet looks hide its ultraefficiency. Véritablement urbaines, les Pop proposent sous un look fashion et moderne toute l'expérience Bering en matière de chaussures de sportswear. Avantage supplémentaire : elles sont étanches! Despite their futuristic air, these boots are very easy to put on and take off with their Velcro closure, but they also have everything a motorcyclist needs: waterproofing and ankle protection in a short boot.

Etanchéité et renfort sont au programme pour un prix très contenu. Behind its rugged looks, the Trooper has everything you would expect in an ankle boot made for riders.

Waterproofing and protection, at a very reasonable price. Le tissu Ponge offre au pilote étanchéité et souplesse et sa doublure amovible thermique vous apporte la chaleur indispensable pour les journées hivernales. Le pantalon de pluie par excellence. Keeping out the rain in the greatest comfort no matter what the season is what the Tacoma 2 aims to do.

The Ponge fabric ensures waterproofing and suppleness and its removable thermal lining brings you the warmth you need on those cold winter days. The rain trousers all riders should have. The Chicago rain trousers are discreet and focus on comfort, but still have the advantage of reflective panels at the leg bottoms, so you can be seen!

Your best ally for staying dry and safe! Il sera votre meilleur allié pour rester sec et en sécurité! A perfect companion for all riders, allowing you to keep dry at a low cost. Lightweight and compact, the Eco rain trousers can be slid under the seat and are easy to take out at any time.

Compagnon idéal du motard pour rester au sec à moindre coût. Peu imposant, le pantalon de pluie Eco peut se glisser sous la selle et être accessible à tout moment. Indispensable pour se rendre au travail les jours de pluie tout en restant visible grâce à un empiècement de matière reflechissante.

L'enfilage est facilité par un zip latéral. For maximum comfort, it also has an adjustable collar and two wide easy-to-reach pockets. The side zip make quick changing easy. La sécurité est de mise avec son tissu nylon haute visibilité. Visible thanks to its reflective panel, the Iwaki is nonetheless comfortable, easy to put on, and has a wide pocket and an adjustable collar.

It guarantees perfect waterproofness and visibility. Presented in its small format storage bag, it can be slipped under all types of seat. It's never been so easy to be safe! Elle vous assurera une étanchéité et une visibilité sans faille. Livrée dans sa poche de rangement petit format, elle pourra se glisser sous toutes les selles. The 1st safety vest responding to the requirements and specificities of motorbiking.

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Perfectly adjustable with its double side fastening, offering flawless finishing with its fixed net lining, and complete practicality with its 2 zipped pockets.

Here at last is the high visibility vest which you will hardly notice you are wearing. Le 1er gilet de sécurité répondant aux exigences et spécificités de la pratique du 2 roues. These rain pants are comfortable first and foremost, while also ensuring you are seen thanks to the high visibility stripes that run the length of the legs.

Chicago will be your best ally when it comes to keeping dry and safe! Pantalon de pluie confortable avant tout, le Chicago est aussi un bon outil pour être vu grâce à ses longues bandes hautes visibilité courant tout le long des jambes. Il sera votre meilleur allier pour rester sec et en sécurité! For maximum comfort, it also has an adjustable collar and two wide easyto-reach pockets. La sécurité est de mise avec son tissu nylon jaune haute visibilité.

Elastiques bas de jambes Doublure nylon fixe amovibles Bottomleg removable elastics Fixed Nylon lining. Déclinaison enfant du même modèle pour adulte, le Sweek kid en reprend le look attachant, allié à la légèreté et au confort… pour rouler comme papa, confortablement et avec style! Les enfants aussi ont le droit à leurs gants été! Les Spider kids ont été spécialement développés pour eux et sont le portait exact du gant Solar pour adulte : tout aussi aéré et léger, il sera le compagnon de belles balades estivales, en famille!!

Pour que votre bambin profite pleinement de vos balades en deux roues, le Harry Kid tiendra au chaud ses mains grâce à son étanchéité sans faille à l'eau comme à l'air. Kids are also entitled to summer gloves! Spider Kid gloves have been custom-designed for them and exactly mirror Solar gloves for grown-ups: they are just as airy, just as light, and just as perfect for a great summer family ride! Avantages : Totalement coupe-vent : votre corps est protégé contre les intempéries et l'effet frisson dû au vent.

Respirabilité maximale : empêche la surchauffe et l'accumulation de transpiration en permettant à l'humidité de s'échapper facilement. Résistance à l'eau : protège contre la pluie fine ou une chute de neige légère ; sèche rapidement. Benefits: Total windproofness: Protects your body's warmth from the chilling effects of wind and weather. Maximum Breathability: Prevents overheating and perspiration build-up by allowing moisture vapour to easily escape.

Water resistant: Sheds rain, snow and dries quickly. With its integrated windcheater membrane, this polar fleece-lined warm waterproof neck warmer ensures your neck remains fully protected from cold draughts. Le tube Primaloft est à la fois respirant, chaud et confortable. The Primmaloft tube is breathable, warm and comfortable all at the same time. Tour de cou doublé polaire chaud et hermétique grâce à sa membrane coupe vent intégrée. Les sous-gants Zirtex sont tissés avec un fil composé de dioxyde de Zirconium, une molécule utilisée dans la protection thermique des boucliers des navettes spatiales.

Avec les sous-gants Bering Zirtex, profitez de la technologie de pointe au service de votre bien-être, à moto! With its integrated windcheater membrane and additional elastic for optimal tightening, this polar fleece-lined warm waterproof neck warmer ensures your neck remains fully protected from cold draughts. The Zirtex inner gloves are woven with a thread made of Zirconium dioxide, a molecule used in the thermal protection of the shields of space shuttles.

This high technology gives unequalled results in several fields: It is a heat barrier, the elasticity is long lasting, damp is eliminated, it has long-lasting anti-bacterial treatment. With the Bering Zirtex inner gloves, state of the art technology goes hand in hand with your wellbeing, on your bike!.

The neoprene mask will protect you from the cold air. Reposez et protégez votre dos avec la ceinture lombaire double serrage, indispensable pour les longs trajets. Rest and protect your back with the double tightening support belt, essential on long journeys. Un kit comprend 3 chaufferettes : 2 petites pectorales et 1 plus grande dorsale.

Une petite révolution est en marche pour rouler au chaud dans les conditions les plus extrêmes! One kit includes 3 body-warmers: 2 small for the chest and 1 bigger one for the back. A mini-revolution is in progress for keeping warm while riding in the most extreme conditions! With a charge of between 8 and 20 hours, even the most cold-sensitive riders will finally be able to go the distance on the winter roads! Housse moto d'intérieur, elle protègera votre moto de la poussière et saura être imperméable en cas de besoin.

Indoor motorbike cover, it will protect your bike from dust and can be rainproof when necessary. Universelle, légère et flexible, elle se glissera dans la poche de votre blouson prévue à cet effet. Housse moto d'intérieur et d'extérieur, elle se décline en 3 tailles afin de s'adapter au mieux au gabarit de votre deux roues. Knox Air X, the best of the bunch, CE-marked armour for elbows, shoulders and knees for the best possible protection.