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Horses with heat stroke do not continue to stand. This is an example of a person using her position to further her personal agenda. I know this because on five different occasions I asked for Moose to be brought to our barn. Four Police Officers were instructed to let neither one of our horses on the scene to leave.

When I arrived, I knew Moose was fine. Walker stated that Moose had heat stroke but would not allow him to be removed so he could be cooled down or treated.

Walker reported that Moose suffered from COPD which can only be diagnosed by an ultrasound procedure. Walker's Veterinarian took Moose's temperature and then left. Kirk told me that he has received several threats from animal activists groups and that he "won't even consider shutting down.

Yet, I understand we are a visible target for misinformation and we are tasked with telling the true story. Walker has resigned from her position of seven years her actions will not be forgotten to the general public and STL Carriage Horse Industry.

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A well known fact of Draft Horse History is that this breed is most suited for farm work and pulling Carriages. Percherons are the Carriage Horse of choice as they are the most graceful and docile and have the stamina to travel in a trot on an average of 35 miles per day. Shires, Belgians and Clydesdales are also used. As Jerry Kirk tells me, "the work of pulling a Carriage is nothing compared to these horses capacity for work". Each horse is groomed, the tack is cleaned and they are fed every night after work.

One of the issues brought up in this controversy is daily turnout for these horses. Horses who get a hour daily low impact of exercise do not need daily turnout.

His horses stabled at the Downtown barn split time between each facility. Kirk has all vetting and farrier work done at his farm in Eureka. He loves showing the horses and explaining the history of the service.

This issue is due to perception and education or the lack there of. People do not know what a healthy comfortable work horse looks like. One of the issues has been, "why do these horses sweat so much? Carriage Horses usually walk but do trot on occasion. The Activists' agenda is that it is felt that the horses are abused, kept in bondage and used for humans for our entertainment and profit.

Yet in fact, it is the most benign horse activity we have today. Relentless fear was recently confirmed in Chicago, Illinois on February 6th, The building is known as the Historic "Noble Cellulite orbitaire operation Theatre". The fire was put out within 30 minutes. At the time the fire was started there were 2 people, 4 horses and 3 cats. The Rogers store their Carriages in this building built in as do two other Carriage Services.

Along with Roger's carriages there were another 13 carriages completely destroyed in this fire. A year before this event that morning, the Rogers and two other Carriage Companies who use this building were sent a third of three threatening letters from someone who is a possible 'person of interest' and a Radical Animal Activist. The Chicago Police Department ended their investigation and ruled this to be an "electrical fire".

Had it not been for the insistence of Jim Rogers and his love for his horses and business, he contacted the FBI. It has now been determined that the fire as "Arson".

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If the person or persons who did this are apprehended, they will be charged with "attempted murder".

I asked Rogers how he felt about this issue. This is our supplemental income. My wife is a full time Nurse and we have a newborn baby boy. In the Carriage Horse Industry for the most part, there are no bowed tendons, pulled shoulders, nor do there hocks need to be injected as in other Equine Sports.

How many other disciplines can you say this about? Carriage Services carry Accident Liability Insurance for their Carriages and Horses have been used for sport and work since the horse was first domesticated. It will not be long before the activists will be zooming in on Barrel racing, Showmen and Dressage events. I spoke to several Carriage Drivers about what they love about the Industry and how a Ban would affect them personally and financially.

Ashley Conway who has been a driver for three years told me, "these activists are spreading the word that these horses are over worked, blame the infrequent deaths on being overworked even if the horse passed due to natural causes.

Conway has never once had an accident or even been close to feeling in danger or danger for her horse that she drives who's name is "Maverick".

Maverick is a Belgian Draft and Conway says she knows he is happy to see her by the way he nickers and kicks out when he comes out of the stall or trailer wherever they are working. The most detrimental factor for the horses is that if not working, they would not be able to be afford to be kept and could be sold at auction. They also become depressed and loose muscle mass if given excessive breaks for weeks on end from not working.

Jenny Farmer states that "they have 'puppy dog' attitudes and a willingness to work. She enjoys talking to passengers especially the tourists not from this area.

Jerry Kirk pairs up drivers and their horse partners who are compatible with one another. All drivers keep water and extra halters on their carriage at all times.

Safety is of the utmost importance. Farmer also states that in the summer they have water brought to them multiple times a day. All of the drivers use good judgment skills and will pass on a ride if in fact their horses seem to be sweating too much in the heat and need a break. She also says that the tack is cleaned daily to prevent saddle sores, the horses are bathed daily, stalls cleaned out daily and oil is applied to their hooves to reduce chipping.

Steel flat shoes with borium are used for concrete work to lessen the opportunity of slipping. A little known fact to the uninformed individual is that the harnesses they use to pull a Carriage is less intrusive than a saddle. The undereducated activist sees "chestnuts" as tumors.

I have never ridden nor owned a horse who does not have chestnuts on their legs. One of the difficulties now of this Industry is taking passengers for a ride and having to pass activists holding signs saying that a horse should not work and that the driver is "cruel". Imagine being a parent of a young child riding in a Carriage and having to explain to your child the accusations shouted at the Drivers and their horse partners.

Horses belonging to Brookdale Farms and Jerry Kirk will work five days in a week then be put on a two week break cycle. The months from January to March are considered "dead months" due to climate change.

That stated, this Industry is a high cost and low profit Industry yet providing enjoyment to both passengers and Drivers. Why do these Drivers work in this Industry? Simply stated, it is for the love of the Horse. Teddy jumping all jumps on the mini St. We have a buyer that will be looking next week. So much potential- riding horse, team of horses for your parade route, hitch up to Horse drawn farm equipment, hunter jumper, dressage I can send you pictures of full grown, half Sisters and brothers.

This breeder from North Dakota has been in the business sincewe are helping him put on a foundation for this herd due to his health issues this year. Also if you need a trainer we would gladly avis sur shorty minceur you with that in the future.

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