Authoritarian regime vs authoritarianism

Contribution to the analysis of populisms in Europe. Only in French. La Tribune de Thierry Chopin. Aix-en-Provence, 27th of September — European elections what impact on…. Europeans face the risk of democratic regression: what can be done.

Call for papers: Authoritarian spaces as unjust spaces?

Criticising government policy is framed as betrayal of Serbian interests. The aim seems to be to marginalise critical voices while concentrating power in the hands of the SNS-led government. If Serbia's drift towards authoritarianism continues, it could become a major obstacle to EU accession, for which has been mentioned as a possible date. Autres ressources OCDE.

Plan du site Liste exhaustive des sites Internet. Rechercher dans "Think Tank". While the international dimension is clearly important, the transnational circulation of professionals and apparatuses and the contents of the practices being promoted deserve further investigation.

Emphasis will be placed on discursive and ideological outputs and on the mobilisation of symbols and authoritarian pasts. Legitimation discourses and apparatuses should also be checked against their uses in practice. Hybrid attempts at legitimating the authorities in place by simultaneous recourse to democratic practices elections, limited participatory mechanisms see Allal, and authoritarian ideological constructs are found in various areas — North Africa, Turkey, Latin American and Central European countries.

These three research areas are in no way exclusive, and should serve as guidelines.

We welcome proposals based on original and theoretically grounded empirical research, whose social science dimension must be explicit political science, sociology, anthropology….

Proposals will be written in French and English and total words max. They must include mentions of the empirical material used, the temporal and spatial framework of the research and state in which of the three research directions the paper is expected to fit. Allal A. Anguelova-Lavergne D.

Petric dir. Bank A.

Bigday M. Les think-tankers biélorusses entre expertise et dissidenceParis, Dalloz à paraître. Börzel Tanja A. Camau M.

Camau, G. Dakowska D.