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The experiments were conducted on three consecutive days.

This procedure was repeated for two additional days and 'pools' with the filter papers obtained from the 9 volunteers for each type of substrate, sampling time and type of acid were made. The rate of protein identification was low for enamel 13 proteins in total.

As for dentin, the rte of protein identification was higher proteins in total. Exposure to citric acid dramatically reduced the number of identified proteins, what did not occur for lactic acid.

Acid-resistant proteins, especially keratins and mucins were identified for enamel and dentin, respectively. These proteins, or the peptides originated from them that are responsible for the protective effect, are candidates to be used for the enrichment of dental products, aiming to prevent dental caries and erosion.

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Carie e erosao

Monteiro, Patrícia Manarte Manso, M. This epidemiological study aimed to analyse the oral health status of a sample of institutionalized individuals in Withdrawal Unit — IDT Norte for alcohol detoxification.

It were assessed sociodemographic, behavioural factors, medical history, and possible clinical manifestations of alcohol abuse, especially periodontal condition, soft tissue injuries, dental caries with ICDAS and tooth erosion with BEWE system and with Eccles and Jenkins EJ index. Data collection was performed through a survey and a clinical examination.

This population is characterized with a gender split of This population group has a high dental caries prevalence The dental erosion risk factors identified were: an alcohol consumption history more than 10 years, having gastroesophageal reflux for more than 1 year, and also an anterior teeth location.