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Thanks a bunch for sharing this with the community. Awesome memories, no doubt about it. Lots of great memories and experiences over the past 4 months. The House of Wolves expansion pack wont be coming in until Marchhowever for some reason some players were able to access The House of Wolves The Arena, which is the next raid in line to be played. The Italian players were able to provide an image which they have shared, however the image is blurry and the information has not been confirmed by Bungie as being true or not.

So with this below in the image along with some translation that we were able to do from the blurry … image. Probably the Level 34 is the normal mode! What do you think. Gift has arrived.

Collect your gift at the postmaster and let us know what you get from the packages. Have you ever wonder how titan look like in full exotic set? Here is one of the guardian that process the true power of exotic gears.

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The image is fake, photoshopped and meant for entertainment purpose. Gears sold separately, batteries not included Please like and share if you enjoyed! Secret gift incoming! Bungie has announced that their secret gift coming later this week. So then, what do you guys think it will be? This is a high-res version of the leaked image which is showing Destiny's upcoming expansions. Message please include your platform. Thank you and have a nice day, guardians Crota Destiny Singapore Otak thedarkbelow.

PvP Maps. Forge of Gods could possibly have to do with Cabal, but I'm not entirely sure. It appears to be very early in production. As FWC said in another tweet, though, only a rumor. Aller vers. Sections de cette Page. Planning Raid Destiny 2. Take that RNG. Collectors gotta collect. Planning de Raids Destiny 2. Surtout que si tu veux retrouver une team "normale", en l'état actuel tu n'a qu'une option: retourner en orbit et reset le bonus du coup.

Je suis prêt! Il faut quand même que je le test une fois. Ce soir ou demain soir par exemple. Alors j'ai terminé l'histoire des loups Skolas n'a pas fait long feu face à ma mitrailleuse BTRD et j'ai maintenant accès à l'assaut "Nuit Noire" et à la Prison des Vétérans! Je me suis essayé à ce dernier lvl28 avec 2 inconnus et on s'en est plutôt bien sorti!

J'ai eu une arme spéciale exotique fusil à fusion et qques autres trucs que j'ai démantelé! Vraiment sympa et j'aime l'idée, ça change des affrontements habituels! Si cette semaine ou celles d'après 2 d'entres-vous sont tentés de faire équipe, j'aimerais bien tenté le niveau suivant Légion Brisée voir au dessus mais bon, je ne suis que lvl 32 donc faut peut-être pas abuser