Carrie chapman catt writings

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He intends to say she was about the greatest woman this country ever knew. I am now writing to ask if there us any one known to you, now living in Auburn, to whom I could write and I would like to have you ask the oldest of the suffragists in Geneva if they ever heard of Harriet Tubman. She was a colored woman who was illiterate, but she was a brave patriot. Anthony had ever met with staunch opposition, Catt asserted that there never were such problems, even if certain leaders disagreed.

Harriet Tubman undoubtedly agreed with the proposition of the women to gain the vote, but her idea was far away from that as an aim. She did not assist the suffragists or the woman suffrage movement at any time.

It was they who were attempting to assist her.

Carrie chapman catt writings

That much I know from the nature of things and to make Harriet Tubman a leader in the woman suffrage movement and in all other good movements is quite wrong. There was no leadership on the part of the colored people at that time and there is very little even now. I have not the slightest doubt that she did good things and I hope you can get a good deal of information about her, but do not try to make her what she was not. Conrad went on to give Catt a historical and historiographic lesson, rebuking her for her bad faith and dishonesty in disregarding Susan B.

Quoting a large array of historical sources, Conrad taught Catt a coherent and well-grounded historiographic lesson, thereby debunking her autocratic position:. I would say this: the province of Negro leadership and Negro contribution is one of the largest and least explored in American historiography. Also the whole sphere of woman suffrage runs the Negro question a close second for its neglect at the hands of the historians. Surely you will not regard the Official history as a history of liposuccion maroc avis. It may be a collection of documents and a journalistic record, but insofar as the stream of the suffrage movement, in its relation to the rest of American history is concerned, none has yet related the two.

The same goes for the Negro. Tubman was not the only historical figure to suffer from such fierce disapproval. I may be entirely in the wrong and it is not unlikely that I have been prejudiced by the old pioneer suffragists who made comments in my presence.

There were quite a number of women who developed under the early suffrage movement who were never really a part of it, but were agitators without any definite aim or cooperative helpfulness. The women who were of Mrs. Please do not use any of these ideas which I am merely passing on to you as the recollection of one whose lifetime overlapped that of Mrs. Lockwood and whose lives, therefore, came somewhat in contact with each other.

You may discover heroism about which I never knew. Stanton very well, and I think the two sides were somewhat unjust to each other, and consequently the written word of one side may not tell the entire truth of the other side. Please do not quote me as saying this. I am only telling you that this is my honest opinion which I have never revealed to the world at large. To some extent, she was herself a library and a publishing house, correcting historical accounts, buying and distributing books that she cherished.


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