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Thankfully, the natural hair scene in Paris has evolved since I first move to Paris 5 years ago, and you have a lot more choice when it comes to hair care in Paris. The landscape is ever changing so I prepared an updated guide to all things hair in Paris. Afro Soins: Run by a lady from Guadeloupe Josieshe is used to doing natural hair.

I usually go for a wash, deep-condition under the steamer, and blow-dry only for 27euros Appointments: Walk-in only Address: 47 Rue Championnet, Ciara Coiffure : Ciara is an American hair stylist based in Paris that is specialized in special events weddings, press, fashion, events.

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Appointments: She travels to your home, event, hotel room for your hair styling need. You can make a reservation through her website.

Appointments: She comes to your home and you can make an appointment by phone 06 44 70 55 There also a few other hair supply stores dedicated to Afro-hair in Paris. Below you will find some of my favorites. Le Curl Shop : Online shop with tons of products to choose from.

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Colorful Black : Address: 7 Rue Poissonnière, Pink Lemonade Sugar Body Polish. Tropical Coconut Sugar Body Polish. De plus en plus de gens se tournent vers les produits vegan en raison notamment des avantages incroyables qu'ils nous apportent. More posts. Using natural and vegan hair products benefits your hair as well as the environment.

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When these natural and organic hair products also represent some of the best curly hair products and natural hair treatments for thick, dry and damaged hair, the benefits only multiply. Lyla Naturals' hair care line combines the best botanical ingredients to reveal beautiful hair, naturally. Lyla Naturals harnesses the power of essential oils and other botanical ingredients to produce all natural, vegan hair products better for our hair and our planet.

Lyla Naturals hair products serve every type of curly hair. Enhancing waves, defining curls and taming frizz, Lyla Naturals curly hair products do it all without the use of harsh chemicals, sulfates or parabens. We use only natural and organic ingredients including powerful essential oils to create some of the best curly hair products. Especially in extreme climates, keeping curly hair healthy requires a hair care regimen beyond typical shampooing and conditioning.