Carnival rides in tagalog

It was overwhelming But in so many incredible ways. Just sitting for hours, talking about experiences, sharing thoughts and feelings, and connecting with some of the Filipino community here It really hit me in the heart. I have realized something over the years. This BecomingFilipino journey, in a way, it has become a "challenge". Filipinos around the world connect with what we have been doing, and it challenges them to want to "re-connect" with where they are from.

This is something I never imagined would have happened.

In fact, when I first started this journey, I didn't realize that there were so many Filipinos around the world who like Brian, were "intimidated" Never be afraid. Yes, never be afraid about trying to connect with the Philippines. But also, for those of YOU reading this Never be afraid to leave a positive comment, a simple positive message, or just something that is beautiful about the Philippines here in the comment section of this social media community. Because there are wonderful people like Brian, who are reading here It is hard to explain But I guess I just want to say I am inspired.

And I am so thankful to everyone who I had a chance to meet tonight.

Carnival rides in tagalog

Still getting over jet lag! But just got overwhelmed with leis by an amazing Filipino family when I landed. Okay, so I won't be here long I have to move to another island and meet up with my family soon!! I kid you not First time I have ever been stopped at the international baggage check area BecomingFilipino Overseas.

After spending the whole year in country I guess I just wanted to make this post because whenever I clear immigration, and know I will be out of country for a couple weeks See, I never imagined that my life would be like this. Sharing happiness, adventure and inspiration over social media. Putting my whole life out there for other people to see. It was never some … thing I could have pictured myself doing. But then something happened Yes, YOU reading this. In I started sharing things I was learning, things that inspired me, and real life reflections of what made me happy being here in the Philippines.

Because I believed it could inspire positive things to happen in the world around me. And then YOU See this whole BecomingFilipino journey, at times it feels overwhelming. But, every time I am about to leave the Philippines, it makes me realize I know one thing Because I know, as a community, if we keep sharing happiness and using this platform in positive ways. We are going to make a difference, a positive one.

We are going to smash negative perceptions and generalizations. We are going to encourage connection through diversity.

We are going to educate in ways that can have a positive impact. And we are going to inspire people to come and experience this country in ways that can inspire their lives! Yup, that is why I always "feel emo" whenever I leave the country. Because I feel a part of me gets left behind. You might be thinking:. I acknowledge how blessed I am. I have met so many Filipinos around the world But they sacrifice staying overseas, to provide for the ones they love.

I just wanted to let everyone know I promise I won't let you down. I will use this privilege I have, and platform WE have created for positive impact. If you don't know what it is At least if you are not a vegetarian You have got to try this I love how this island has so many delicious local spots like this to eat.

Known for its islands, white beaches, caves, and giant morione statue But saying that, one of the greatest adventures you can have here A humble little carinderia sits under the house, and if you order at least an hour in advance Crispy Pata will arrive! Kumar likes to call this food "Anti-Ageing", Because if you eat too much of it, your age will stop.

But in this case, we had to call is "Age defying! Because the Lola who created this recipe, lived to be 92 years old! Her son carries on the crispy pata tradition, cooking with a smile upstairs, meanwhile friendly staff serve many satisfied local customers in the carinderia below. Once again I was reminded One day at a time, One age defying crispy pata at a time Literally, if you look at a map of the country, Marinduque looks like a heart! And did you know that there is actually a geographical reference point on this Island Province that was used in to map the country?

Yes, the island looks like a heart, is in the heart of the country, and even has a point recognizing its significance! Not to mention the vibes from the locals are heartwarming! The views were stunning But, things will recover, and Marinduque is still incredibly beautiful and travel-able! After spending one week on the Island of Marinduque, I became fascinated about the Morione, and why people chose to wear it during Holy Week.

If you didn't know, the "Morione" actually refers to the visor on the helmet, and the "Moriones" is the person who is wearing the full armoured outfit. For one week you can see locals on this Island Province wearing these outfits. They participate in various story re-enactments of … the Crucification of Jesus Christ. The tradition itself actually started in the Municipality of Mogpog, and spread throughout the entire Province. In fact, at times, the Moriones would go around scaring, and making commotion I found out he and many other locals had deep rooted beliefs.

By participating in, and feeling penance For instance, Roger told me how years after he started wearing the Morione The way he said it, was serious, and with the utmost of faith. If you didn't know, just wearing the outfit and being out in the sun all day One of my local friends graciously lent me his Morione. You see, these aren't just "available costumes" And for one hour in Boac Yes, it was incredibly hot, and incredibly exhausting.

I could see what Roger was talking about when he said "sacrifice". Feeling your body under the intense pressure of being in the outfit under the sun. For me I hope that it has sparked your interest to want to learn more about this Island Province, and visit Marinduque in the future. And with that What a day this was in Marinduque! I may be Canadian, but over the years I have really appreciated travelling and eating local style in the Philippines.

In this video you will see me find the best l'obésité ses causes et ses conséquences Pancit in Boac. I met a beautiful Tita and Tito who have been cooking out of their humble home for more than two decades. After eating, I ended up top loading on our tricycle until we reached the Municipality of Buenavista. Here there are … lots of hot springs Seriously, I am not kidding. Get there now!! Like now as I type this! Because as of 5am, the locals were already selling all sorts of delicious snacks!

It looks very unique and the moist texture is delicious!!! I love this market and all the people that fill it with so much joy and deliciousness! The blue building is the modern new section with shops and businesses One day at a time, One unique bibingka and snack at a time Welcome to Bagumbungan Cave!

Found amongst abundant vegetation and coconut trees in a small sitio of Santa Cruz It isn't just the magic flow stones, angel's wings, and various rock formations that make this cave a pleasure to explore. But the life!!

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Seriously, there is so much life in this cave! Bats, blue worm … s, crabs, different species of shrimp, eels This cave system requires physical fitness, and you can expect a few unique squeezes nothing too tight and even waterfall climbs.

It takes about three hours, but without a dull moment! I guess it makes sense that there is so much life underground in Marinduque. This is the heart of the Philippines after all! One day at a time, One vibrant cave full of life at a time Here in Marinduque, there are a lot of deep rooted traditions. I will explain more in the future. This photo Literally, we were at the heart of the Philippines! The geographical reference point of the country!

Welcome to Luzon Datum. The word "datum" literally stands for data. In this spot in Mogpog Marinduque was declared the reference point for the first modern survey of the Philippines!

You have to climb up stairs to get to this spot Look closely, you will also notice a few things Here you can find a giant compass, and a catholic statue. Son but est principalement de donner aux passagers une vue panoramique sur une ville, en tournant à une vitesse modérée, voire parfois très lente. Elle n'est majoritairement pas une attraction à sensations, excepté les quelques effets éventuels de vertige dus à la hauteur en la faisant pivoter, de légers balancements dus au vent, ou d'effets inattendus de descentes, comme sur la Sun Wheel.

Lors de son exploration de l' empire ottomanil passe quelques jours à Plovdiv en Bulgarie et évoque les différents systèmes de balançoires à but festif, dont les moins dangereuses, pour les enfants seraient les ancêtres de la grande roue. Il commença sa carrière dans l'industrie des voies ferrées, puis fut intéressé par la construction des ponts. Ferris comprit le besoin croissant d'acier de construction et fonda G. Ferris conçut la première grande roue, à l'occasion de l' exposition universelle de à Chicago [ 1 ].

Elle contenait 36 nacelles de 60 places chacune 40 assises et 20 debout. Cela prenait vingt minutes pour que la roue fasse deux tours. Au premier tour, six arrêts permettaient aux passagers de monter et de descendre et le deuxième tour était complet sans arrêt. À la fin de l'exposition universelle, la grande roue fut déplacée près d'un quartier huppé du nord de Chicago. Elle fut à nouveau utilisée pour l'exposition universelle de Saint-Louis dans le Missouri enqui célébrait le centenaire de l'acquisition de la Louisiane.

Elle fut démantelée en [ 2 ]. Les concepteurs de cette roue, deux Australiens, Adam Gaddelin et Gareth Watson, en construiront ensuite plus de Elle tourne aujourd'hui encore et reste l'un des symboles du parc. Elle fut démolie en [ 5 ]. La grande roue de la jetée de Santa Monica est avec celle du Central Pier de Blackpool un des rares exemples de grande roue non édifiés sur terre ferme.

Certaines versions récentes permettent d'avoir des nacelles mobiles par rapport à la distance avec l'axe et ainsi se rapprocher du centre de la roue durant la rotation sans être cantonnée au seul périmètre de la roue par exemple Mickey's Fun Wheel à Disney California Adventure. Une autre évolution de la grande roue est constituée de plusieurs grandes roues reliés à l'aide de bras hydrauliques comme le Sky Whirl Six Flags Great AmericaIllinois conçu par la société Intamin AG.

Certaines grandes roues sont désormais transportables et itinérantes et s'installent dans les plus grands centres-villes. Souvent en centre-ville, elles visent à observer la ville de haut avec un but panoramique. Plusieurs grandes roues célèbres sont décrites comme panoramiques par leur concepteur, parmi elles figurent le Singapore Flyer [ 6 ]mais également le Millennium Wheel London Eye [ 7 ] à Londres ou encore la High Roller à Las Vegas.