Carey ohio dollar general

Terrible, weak management, poor scheduling. Would give your schedule 1day before new one comes out. Would tell her you can not work a certain day and she schedules u. No training at all. Thrown to the wolves. Would discuss associates problems with other associates. Great Part Time Job. I have worked for Dollar General for a year and a half and I have enjoyed it a lot.

Working retail is a great part time job and i recommend it highly. Loved it.

Between Dollar General and Checker its hard to choose which is the best to work at. Over demanding. As a store manager you are expected to give up any outside life and devote all your time to them. Dollar general does not care about it's associates or managers. It was pretty goid place. Was a good place to work. Managers and co workers were good. But the pay only went up 75 cents in 4 years. The work keeps you busy and going and old hours.

Not enough pay or hours to make any kind of a living. The only decent thing I could say about Dollar General is that the experience gained from working there is quite handy. Aside from that it is not a place to go for employment if you are not prepared for poverty low income. So going down the list here I shall offer my responses to suggested topics. A typical day at Dollar General, day or night shift, is generally stressful.

You are expected to do a variety of tasks while maintaining customer service. This means a cashier has to both stock and organize while also dealing with people in line. This is not an efficient way to run things. I believe the majority of the stores are actually understaffed in that on average only two people run the whole store. This allows for very little to accomplish and thus is also the hardest part of the job. Your typical atmosphere while, is cheery, for the most part.

More often than not however there is also a lingering sense of disinterest. All I can offer on that point is to visit your local Dollar General and form your own opinion on the matter. Management in my opinion was actually top notch. They do the best they can with what they are allowed, so they can hardly receive all the fault for dilemmas that are otherwise out of their hands.

I'll wrap this up on a good note however. The experience gained from such a simple job is invaluable. The social interaction, the knowledge of running a register, learning how to identify and correct errors with manager present or otherwise. Dollar General is a great company to work for. The company is constantly growing and evolving all over the country. The merchandise is great quality items and the atmosphere is wonderful and there is always room for growth.

Stressful, left me all alone for hours and expected me to get the shelves stocked and take care of the customers. I liked waiting on customers. Philip B. Phyto Secret Pro.

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Carey ohio dollar general

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Avis des employés pour Dollar General - États-Unis

After working my long busy shift the manager and the assistant manager said to me boy you are very fast on the register I said thank you. The managers then asked what I thought of learning the things to become a supervisor, I looked at them and said me I have been here for just a few days. They both looked at me and said but you are very good at what you do. I told both the managers that I would love this opportunity they was offering me, and I told them I would be more than happy to take it. Loved it.

I loved my job there, the only reason i left was due to getting certified as CNA. My hours were flexiable from am until pm. Whenever I was needed i went in, on my days off if she was short I went in. The store is wonderful, my manager worked with us to make sure the store ran smoothly.

Fast paced sales and merchandising position. I loved working there and would recommend to family and friends. Being an asstiant manager they toke care of us and trusted us. Relaxed place to work. A typical day at Dollar General was stocking and working on the cash register. I worked at a Dollar General in a rough part of town so I also had to help managment run thieves out of the store many times.

Very Unsafe. Most of the time we worked in a very unsafe environment. Stealing and robbing would happen often and the manager did not care. Once when asked if he could hire a male from protection he said, "Why so they can get assaulted?

Flexible hours and decent pay for the position. Management is decent, hours are flexible. Easy to stay busy and productive. Customer service can be both fulfilling and rewarding. Limited advancement opportunities. Terrible Job. The job itself is ok. The manager I had was terrible. He hated everyone and had a potty mouth. They east surrey regiment ww2 days were inconsistent.

I am a college student who lived on campus and wasn't able to stay in town during holidays. He made me demote myself because of it. Training, minimum. Stress, maximum.

Wages, terrible. Hours, terrible. Use as a stepping stone to a better job only unless you can get promoted fast.