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L'établissement d'objectifs est un outil puissant et très utile pour estimer les gains, la distance et le temps par rapport à vos gains moyens. Vous pouvez utiliser les gains du conducteur de trois manières différentes: 1 Gratuit, sans publicité, mais sans fonctionnalités premium.

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Avis des employés pour Uber Partner Drivers

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Avis des employés pour Uber Partner Drivers - États-Unis

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It was a great experience for me. Working with people. I enjoy meeting people and driving. You pick your hours and times you want to work. Challenges on the job were tech issues.

Not For Everyone. If you are looking to do this full time you might as well forget about it in my opinion. I was sent emails explaining that I could be dismissed as a driver if my ratings didn't meet some kind of standard.

Fun But Dead End. Great Environment unless your a free thinker. They are all about the culture and image that they create and as employees there is no room for variation.

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A typical day at Uber provides flexibility of schedule, meeting new people from all walks of life. I have also become proficient in knowledge of the area and time management.

Confusing work enviroment. It is ok but there are some ups and downs Rude customers,Confusing rules,No tips,Underpaid,work anytime,no boss,no coworkers,and don't get paid for driving to client.

It was ok. Driving for uber wasn't really ideal for me. I did not enjoy it. I love to drive so i am searching for something else I can do that will allow me to do so. Fun to drive people around in San Francisco. Fun driving people around San Francisco. Mostly locals and tourists. Hardest part of the job was picking and dropping people off without blocking traffic. Uber is a 1 star company for its treatment of drivers. Definite transparency issues!!! Example: the gas discount card is actually only as good as your debit card.

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And only if the gas is at a very high price. There are currently only two Exon Mobie stations in the entire Denver Metro area and there are 5 in the entire state. Ratings: Research shows that people give higher ratings to people who are culturally similar to themselves. The ratings are probably at least somewhat unfair MOST of the time.

Anything else becomes spiritually devastating to drivers and to riders.

Avis des employés pour Independent Contractor chez Uber Partner Drivers - États-Unis

Uber is losing its shine for riders and drivers using this ratings system. Company no transparency, outdated ratings syst that decimates spirits of drivers and riders. Fun but the pay stinks. Uber is great for its flexibility. You can work when you want for however long you want. Their incentives are a joke, they knowingly post incentives that are not working and have no intentions of paying them.

I had issues with an incentive where they didn't pay me for something that I achieved and they told me that there were technical difficulties and they will not reimburse me for the incentive. There is no real opportunity for advancement and there really is no culture since its not in an office environment.

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I liked but i need a change in my life. It's worthy when you've other things to earn more money from or needing to aim a degree.

This job gave a big chance to change my life, eventhough it was hard. Précédent Suivant. Evaluer cette entreprise. Page attribuée Evaluer cette entreprise. Vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur le travail dans cette entreprise?