Rideshare rental companies

Is 0 stars an option? New Games New Apps. APK Details. Hyrecar Driver. Hyrecar Driver description: Hyrecar is car rental marketplace where ridesharing drivers can rent a car and drive for companies like Uber, Lyft, Postmates, Amazon and more!

Whether you are already a ridesharing driver or looking to start driving for any ridesharing company, HyreCar has the perfect car for you! Choose from our market place of neighborhood vehicles to find your perfect ride-sharing car. With HyreCar, you can rent for as little as 2 days and extend the rental as needed.

No long term commitment needed! LeasePlan and Lyft announce partnership in USA to integrate ride hailing with fleet management and leasing services. Financial Models. Carmakers are all eager to get driverless vehicles on the road, as they will unleash a plethora of new services worth billions of Discover all.

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