Regt of artillery indian army

Indian army is one of the largest army in the world. I always salute to the army and their persons who are on their duty while sacrificing for the nation. Jai hind, jai bharat. Excelent job with great achievement. Good salary. Fit to serve the nation with a great ambition to do some thing great. Diffrent from others with patriotic nature.

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Worth serving with indian army. If you have go in you join indian army. It is a company of patriots. Join it to believe it. When going gets tough indian army gets going. Country comes first always And every time. Jai hind. This is one of the most Professional Organisation to work with.

Its a learning everday. Today I stand tall because of all the good values of my Company.

The most memorable moments of my life have been with my organization where I am presently working. Every day has been a learning experience with new challenges standing your way. Man management has been a routine affair that is the testimony of your personal character, your values, leadership and empathy towards your subordinates. The culture of my organization thrives on the bedrock of Professionalism, teamwork, and leadership.

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Your self-respect is at stake if you shy away from your responsibilities. Team effort always makes any organization culture a great place to work in. The hardest part of the job is to serve a tenure in Kashmir where things are very hostile, The life and safety of your men is your responsibility.

The most enjoyable part has been to serve the nation. As we say"Nation First".

The ecstatic feeling is intangible to describe. Good management. I retired from own request. I build carrear in private sector at mumbai because my family staying in Mumbai.

I experience in security,vigilance, store keeper and communication operator skills and official work.

Regt of artillery indian army

Excellent experience. Job in tittle my favourite indian army. Indian Army is grateful and working of my duty to the point of view my favourite Job indian army of the most important thing is that the year and beautiful my country and Indian army. Its an excellent govt organisation which gives life time financial security and great satisfaction being served for country.

As it is a very tough job away from home, friends and relatives. It has totaly different culture and working condition but still it is a realy honoured to serve for your country. Beside Serving for your country it gives u great value for your dedication, sacrifice and hard work. Disciplined, healthy atmosphere, collegious, good work culture and over secure future.

I feel proud to serve in Indian Army for last 30 years. Very disciplined, good work culture, familiar, sporty atmosphere. Tough working condition, but for the country, it's ok. Joining Indian Army is proud feeling and it's an opportunity to a citizen who gets himself selected for safeguard the nation.

Mentally, physically robust personality can only gets chances to serve, hence once feel proud to wear olive green dress.

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Excellent working culture, no politics involved. Proudest movement. Great experience for me. Everyday was excited. I was member of flood relief team when Surat flood, and also member in kedarnath flood team. Existing payment good environment all india posting good manegment co-operation and development of the different organisations physical activity is here information of all india.

C'est en effet l'année où les Britanniques, qui n'avaient jamais osé former des artilleurs indigènes, se souvenant sans doute de la Révolte des Cipayes, décident d'indianiser les cadres de leur artillerie.

Deux chapitres retracent la genèse des nouvelles unités à la veille de la seconde Guerre mondiale. Vient ensuite la longue chronique des états de au cours du conflit mondial, puis dans les opérations du Kashmir au lendemain de l'Indépendancele conflit frontalier avec la Chineet la première guerre contre le Pakistanqui occupe quatre chapitres. Le déroulement des opérations est relaté avec la plus grande précision à propos de chaque campagne.

Le récit est entrecoupé de chapitres relatifs à l'évolution de l'équipement et de l'organisation des différentes formations. L'ouvrage comporte quelques planches d'uniformes, et des cartes utiles pour l'étude des campagnes récentes. Il n'y a ni mention de sources ni bibliographie, même lorsqu'il est question des périodes anciennes.

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Palit [compte-rendu] Pouchepadass Jacques. Revue d'histoire Année p. Référence bibliographique Pouchepadass Jacques.