9 mile uber ride cost

How far is it from Reims to Épernay? The distance between Reims and Épernay is 23 km. The road distance is 26 km.

9 mile uber ride cost

Get driving directions. How do I travel from Reims to Épernay without a car? How long does it take to get from Reims to Épernay? Where do I catch the Reims to Épernay train from?

Where does the Reims to Épernay train arrive? Can I drive from Reims to Épernay? How do I get a train ticket from Reims to Épernay? Book your Reims to Épernay train tickets online with RailEurope. Search and book.

Where can I stay near Épernay? Can I share a ride from Reims to Épernay? Read Rome2rio's guide to Blablacar. Show more questions. How to travel from Reims to Épernay Find all the possible transport options for your trip from Reims to Épernay right here. Rome2rio displays up to date schedules, route maps, journey times and estimated fares from relevant transport operators, ensuring you can make an informed decision about which option will suit you best.

Click the map below to see more travel options. What companies run services between Reims and Épernay? Train operators. Estimated price. About this operator. Rome2rio's guide to SNCF. Other operators. Contact Details blablacar. Rome2rio's guide to BlaBlaCar. Uber Reims. J'ai eu mon train sur le fil. Uber c'est pas sérieux. Plus jamais je ne ferais appel à eux. Do not use Uber there are other alternatives that are far better. Uber have stolen my money and they will yours too.

The reason why Uber is continuously denying the customer a refund on undelivered food is because the company is so heavily in debt it must be on the verge of bankruptcy. Bed servies Uber May pickup not compiled Rider cancel may trip F. Booked Uber in the last two weeks, and twice the driver did not turn up resulting in me the customer having to pay a cancellation fee which I disagree with as it was not my fault.

So I have now cancelled my account and will never I repeat never use Uber again. Una vergüenza. Espero que me devuelvan mi dinero. Had a driver not show up, cancelling my service after waiting over 45 minutes when the estimated time was 7 minutes initially. I've even told my drivers to quit.

It's not worth the headache of feeling we might not make it to the destination. These psychos out here. Now, my question is; what do Uber tend to do?

I removed my card details from the app. Yet when My wife used the app they decided to somehow link it to my account and charge my card. Even though I had removed my card details months ago!!!!!!!! La réservation m'a été confirmée par message mais il n'est jamais venu. J'ai dû chercher en urgence un taxi et j'ai failli louper mon vol. À quoi sert de réserver?? Not bad right? That's only after gas That doesn't consider the wear and tear on your own vehicle!! Oil changes, which you will need about once a month!

If you have a car payment then you'll really be poor!

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And put about 1, miles on your car with no flat tires! Just do the simple matter of fact math. So after gas you are bringing home. But any who lets stick with the gross. That's assuming there's non stop fares in your car which there aren't for an entire hour and you do 30MPH the whole time without stopping.

But let's pretend that uber is absolutely perfect and you always can get this magical. That would require at the very minimum driving 1, miles that week Or about 70 hours worth! So with 2 weeks vacation working 70 hours per week 50 weeks a year After driving your car 75, miles Now most cars might lastmiles before serious maintenance takes over Anything overis gunna be raggedy and will get you bad reviews and deactivated so you won't have a job anyways So let's say you buy a car for uber or use your own depreciation still holds true So you'll get to drive it for 2 years with these kinds of miles Oh ya if anything major goes out on your car maintenance wise in thosemiles which it will And which I did not include in my very generous maintenance estimates Do you know what the health effects of sitting for this insane amount of hours per week would be??

Do you have health insurance with uber for that PROS: Set your own schedule. Log onto the Uber app when you can work. They state the charge is for data usage. Poor Toll reimbursement — Uber will tell you they reimburse there driver tolls during a rider trip this is not always the case. The only way you can get in touch with someone at Uber is via email, good luck getting a valid response. Drivers get zero! Trip cancellations - This happens all the time. You get a trip request and drive to the pick-up location then the rider cancels the trip or is a no-show and you get zero.

Wear and tear on your car, more car maintenance and oil changes. Drunk rude people — you will have to deal with this all the time… cheers. This is clearly fuzzy math. You will need to take all things into consideration. Uber does not take out taxes, you will be responsible to pay these taxes when you file. As stated in the terms Uber will always stand by the rider and not the driver.

Trip example 1: If you get a trip request that is 5 miles away and you pick up the rider and then find out that they are only going 2 miles then it takes you 7 miles to get back to an area where you can get trip request again then you have driven 14 miles and have only been paid for 2 miles. Trip example 2: You get a trip request and drive 7 miles to pick-up the rider.

Trip example 3: If you get a trip request in heavy traffic, event areas or have to drive through a traffic jam some things to consider. This will give you a net amount before taxes. Other things include higher insurance premiums, more vehicle maintenance and so on… If you are considering driving for UberX you may want to crunch some numbers first, make sure your insurance company aware of how you will be using the vehicle and that you are properly covered this is extremely important due to the fact that Uber will always stand by the rider and not the driver.

Read and understated the terms of service. Who is your typical Uber user? Tech savvy 35, a year millionaires and drunk people. Good luck! Don't work for these croocks! Very dishonest company. They use you, your car milage, you have to pay for your own gas, car cleaning expenses, oil change often, in 2 months driving my car and needs maintenance again.

At the beginning they will pay a lot of bonuses, but then you will notice that payments get lower and lower 3. You have to deal with some drunkie customers. Immature people who give you bad ratings just to harm you. They would fire deactivate your account any time, without warnings, at no reason.

Some passengers are nice. Just check they are always hiring drivers Which is not a good sign. High maintenance customers, high turnover, drastic decisions, poor support, car deteriorates. Waste of money, time, and mileage, Do NOT sign up. Wow, where to start, except RUN.

Uber is the new human trafficker. They take advantage of those in need. I now know why so many states and countries are out lawing Uber. It is for our own good. They hire and spit out drivers, use up their cars, provide nothing but a malfunctioning app.

Their promise of protection and commercial insurance is a LIE.

9 mile uber ride cost

Their insurance policy will not cover you, they will not protect you if you get a If you are lucky you will make I spent more in gas, chargers, phones, time and wear and tear on my car driving it in Charleston's potholes, than I made. When I contacted Uber for assistance with the app. I tried to explain to them that it lost satellite reception, and what did they do? They said your rating is 4 star and you are deactivated. Heck, I thought 4 stars was good.

It turns out 4 stars is a slap in the face. Uber it will cost you, in the end. This should be an illegal business practice. I drove beyond miles each way to get to them for a 2. Many similar fairs. This is the biggest joke to man kind and this method of business practice should be shut down immediately. The only way UBER is still in business is because they keep going through this cycle of hundreds to thousands of NEW innocent drivers who are unaware of this fraudulent concept and find out too late from separating fact from fiction.

I never dared to say such lies to people. It's karma what goes around comes around and Uber will eventually go down the toilet drain.

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The End. My expenses driving a small SUV getting 20 miles to the gallon calculates to 25 cents a mile which covers depreciation, insurance, expected repairs, oil and gas. This estimate, I believe, is on the conservative side.

The only time I left this area was to take a couple to the airport 25 miles away. One of my fares I was pinged four miles from the pickup location, which took me thirteen minutes to get there.

Three college students hopped in my car and wanted a ride two miles down the road, for a total of six miles. I now worked two days for a total of eight hours and forty five minutes and earned less than five dollars an hour. And Uber wants me to serve my riders cold bottled water too? She had me stop to pick up her daughter along the way to Chipotle.

Passenger and I wait 15 minutes for daughter to come out from her event.

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But then not just her daughter but three kids got in my car. So now I have 4 passengers. We go to Chipotle and I wait for them 15 minutes to get food and then take them back to their hotel.

I complain to Uber that we had multiple stops and 4 passengers and they didn't pay for return fare from Chipotle back to the hotel. Uber's response: 1 we allow 4 passengers for the same fare 2 You got paid for your time, if you made them pay a separate fare for the return trip, it would have amounted to the same anyway.

If that is the case, driving for UBER is a money and time loosing venture for drivers. Consider this - you have an accident with a passenger on board, its your own insurance that has to pay - Uber's kicks in only if when your own insurance policy is depleted.